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Flexible Screw Covneyors

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Welcome to Spiroflow’s world of flexible screw conveyors, where versatility meets efficiency. Our flexible screw conveyors are designed to transport materials in any direction, from horizontal to vertical, making them ideal for various applications. Explore the simplicity of their design, gentle product handling, and a cost-effective, low-maintenance operation. Discover how Spiroflow’s conveyor technologies can revolutionize your material handling needs.

Spiroflow's Flexible Screw Conveyors Are Just That - Flexible

Flexible screw conveyors offer versatile material conveyance capabilities, accommodating various directions from horizontal to vertical, navigating around fixed obstacles, and seamlessly transferring between rooms. They excel in elevating materials from bag dump stations or storage bins and can transport products at ceiling height to supply processing or packaging machines.

These conveyors maintain material homogeneity by continuously remixing it via the rotating spiral, effectively preventing product segregation. Furthermore, they prove to be a highly cost-effective solution for conveying dry bulk solids and ingredients.

Flexible Screw Conveyors are known by several names, such as flexible screw conveyor, flexible auger, flex conveyor, flexible spiral conveyor, helical conveyor, or helix.

Check Out All the Features of Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyor

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Flexible Screw Conveyors Provide Continuous Mixing and Blending

Spiroflow, a leading name among conveyor systems manufacturers, introduces its innovative inline twin screw (ITS) continuous proportional blender. This cutting-edge blender excels in achieving comprehensive mixing within a short material flow distance. It boasts a unique stepless adjustability feature that enables precise blend ratios. 

Engineered to handle a wide range of materials, including free-flowing, granular, flake, and pellet substances, the Spiroflow ITS stands out with an outstanding accuracy rate. This blender is tailor-made for various applications in industries such as food, chemical, construction, and more, accommodating a diverse range of specifications.

Innovative Operation of ITS

Within the realm of industrial conveyor systems, Spiroflow ITS presents an inventive solution. This innovative system takes a unique approach by introducing the secondary ingredient directly into the core of the primary ingredient’s flow. It incorporates two rotating spiral-type conveyors with differing diameters. Notably, the steel tube of the smaller conveyor is carefully positioned within the spiral of the larger conveyor, extending beyond the inlet hopper. 

This meticulous design ensures that the minor ingredient is introduced precisely at the optimal point for thorough mixing within the primary ingredient. As a result of the Spiroflow ITS’s exceptional mechanical action, it effectively addresses and eliminates ingredient stratification, a persistent challenge encountered in various other mixer types.

Spiroflow ITS blenders, a testament to the efficiency of conveyor belt systems, are crafted using standard-sized Spiroflow rotating spiral conveyors. These blenders are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet precise throughput needs, boasting a maximum capacity of up to 10 tons per hour (tph)
When it comes to hygienic solutions, Spiroflow offers specialized versions of the Spiroflow ITS that feature convenient quick-release connectors for easy disassembly and cleaning. These systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. As a respected name among belt conveyor manufacturers, Spiroflow ensures that its products are both efficient and compliant with the highest industry standards.

Let's See How It Works and What Benefits You Will Enjoy

Spiroflow’s leadership in flexible screw conveyor technology is underpinned by its extraordinary adaptability in installation and the ability to handle a diverse range of bulk densities, material particle sizes, and flow properties. These attributes establish flexible screw conveyors as a cost-effective and versatile solution for transferring dry bulk solids from one point to another. In this context, Spiroflow remains at the forefront of auger and belt conveyor system development.
The central positioning of the rotating flexible screw conveyor spiral within the conveying tube ensures a gentle material movement that >preserves its integrity without causing degradation. This unique mechanism also mitigates the risk of product mixture separation.
The Spiroflow flexible spiral conveying system prioritizes operational simplicity. With an electric motor-driven spiral as the sole moving component, it operates within a sealed tube, propelling materials forward through Archimedean screw action. This uncomplicated design removes the necessity for supplementary operating equipment like filters or bearings. This translates to a system that stands out for its cleanliness, cost-efficiency in installation and maintenance, as well as its heightened performance and efficiency.
This conveyor operates within a completely sealed environment, eliminating any risk of dust contamination or atmospheric humidity. This feature is particularly crucial in applications within the food and pharmaceutical industries, where air isn’t utilized as a conveying medium. Furthermore, this safeguard prevents airborne contamination of other products and maintains a safe working environment.
Cleaning the Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor system is a straightforward task. Reversing the electric motor facilitates the removal of residual materials from the conveyor, followed by a rinse with water or a cleaning solution. If required, the spiral can be swiftly detached from the tube, and the optional quick-release connectors enable rapid disassembly and reassembly, minimizing downtime.

The Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor operates smoothly thanks to its durable inner spiral, serving as the sole moving component in the system.

We provide screw conveyors featuring ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) tubes designed for abrasive or high-density materials and heavy-duty work

For handling the most abrasive substances like metals, aggregates, and materials such as glass cullet, we offer the Rhinoveyor Flexible Screw Conveyor. This specialized system includes an abrasion-resistant rubber conveying tube, along with a heavy-duty spiral. Comprehensive testing and operational experience have demonstrated that our RHINOVEYOR conveying tubes significantly outlast standard UHMWPE plastic tubes, particularly in aggressive applications.

These conveying systems employ a dynamic process that ensures the constant remixing of materials. This feature proves especially valuable when feeding pre-mixed products into packaging and tablet machinery, maintaining consistent product quality.

Explore Different Application Possibilities

Even though traditional conveyor belts are still many businesses’ first choice, nowadays, flexible screw conveyors are becoming more popular. This is a result of their versatility and ability to handle a wide range of particle sizes, bulk densities, and flow properties. That’s why Spiroflow flexible screw conveyors are installed around the world in numerous different industries.

Hygienic ingredients handling is a fundamental benefit of Spiroflow equipment, designed to satisfy the stringent sanitary demands of the food and allied industries.
Spiroflow provides effective dosing equipment for hydrated lime, activated carbon, and other chemicals essential in water treatment processes.
In the demanding world of minerals and ceramics, few bulk-handling challenges rival the rigor. Spiroflow equipment is meticulously engineered to withstand the most rigorous demands of this industry.
Spiroflow’s long experience within the chemicals industry ensures the safe handling and accurate metering of these often hazardous materials
Spiroflow’s solid handling equipment is a preferred choice for enabling efficient material feeding into molding, extrusion, and mixing machinery within the high-volume manufacturing sectors.
Accuracy, hygiene, and consistent feeding are prime requirements in the pharmaceutical field. Spiroflow has just the right equipment for you. 

We Offer Versatile Configurations

Compared to a traditional conveyor belt system, flexible screw conveyors offer versatile solutions. Although different from traditional conveyor belt solutions, these innovative conveying systems can be adapted to a variety of configurations<, with some common examples outlined below:

Feeding Filling Machinery

Horizontal Outlet for Restricted Headroom

Conveying from Hopper to Process

Controlled Feeding & Dosing from Bulk Bags

Multi-Infeed Conveyor

Loading Silos

Filling Bulk Bags

Mobile Conveyors


  • Tubes: Food grade UHMWPE.
  • Spirals: Carbon or mild steel with the option to upgrade to stainless steel.
  • Spiral Profiles: Round, Heavy-duty Round, Flat, Proscrew Beveled Edge
  • 2-7.5 hp (1.5-5.6 kW) Motor
  • Motor sized to application
  • 60-80 psi if air agitation is specified

  • Multiple inlets & outlets,
  • The conveyor is designed to be run fully charged & can be run with a full head of material in a hopper,
  • Vibration, air fluidizers, or agitators can be fitted to assist with poor-flowing products,
  • Inlets can be fitted with baffles, lids, hoppers, agitators, etc. Custom designs available.

For most applications, the standard round spiral is suitable, combining strength and flexibility. Flat section spirals are recommended for certain light or aerated products.The Proscrew beveled profile is used for conveying difficult materials such as iron oxide. The semi-rigid construction enables steep conveying angles to be achieved without bends.

The Centre Core is used for very light materials that fluidize readily and for conveyors inclined more than 60°. They are also used to prevent flooding/overfeeding of certain solids in short or horizontal conveyors.All spirals are heat treated to provide strength and long life. Heavy duty spirals are also available for certain high density or aggressive materials.

Flexible screw conveyor tubes are available in UHMWPE, carbon steel (mild steel), 304 stainless steel or the industry’s only ‘Rhinoveyor’ rubber tubing (used when conveying abrasive material).

2 flex screw conveyors

What Spiral Profiles and Tube Options You Have to Choose From?

The standard round spiral is suitable for most applications, offering a balance of strength and flexibility. Flat-section spirals work well for lightweight or aerated products. Proscrew beveled profiles are effective for challenging materials like iron oxide due to their semi-rigid construction, enabling steep conveying angles without bends.

Center cores are ideal for very lightweight, easily fluidized materials and for conveyors inclined over 60°. They also prevent flooding or overfeeding in short or horizontal conveyors. All spirals undergo heat treatment for durability. Heavy-duty spirals are available for high-density or aggressive materials.

Flexible screw conveyor tubes come in UHMWPE, carbon steel (mild steel), or 304 stainless steel.

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