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Bag Dump Stations

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Do you need to empty smaller bags of ingredients into your process? Bag dump stations, also referred to as sack tip stations or manual bag dumping stations, are a simple but important type of processing equipment that enables this. Use our guide below to select the correct bag dump station model and configuration for your application.

Spiroflow offers bag dump stations to empty smaller bags in a safe, efficient and dust-free manner.  This is not only good for the health of operators and the environment but it is cost effective too! Our range of bag dump stations includes options for dust extraction and the compaction of empty bags.




Bag Dump Stations are also known as Bag Dump Hoppers, Sack Tip Stations, Bag Tip Stations, Sack Unloaders, and Bag Unloaders but regardless of the terminology managing dust is always a consideration.

Dust problems caused by emptying bags of fine, aerated or volatile powders can be eliminated with a properly configured bag dump station.  This not only ensures that a healthy environment is maintained in your process area but also helps reduce maintenance and repair problems caused by powder contamination to surrounding machinery.

Here are a few different bag dump stations but keep in mind that we manufacture this type of equipment based on your application needs so you the size and features are exactly what you need.  Talk with our engineers to solve your processing challenges.

This is a simple bag dump station with a bag support shelf, dust hood and plastic dust curtain. It is ready to connect to a flexible screw conveyor & dust extraction. It is also fitted with a level probe and vibration.

This mobile bag dump station has a bag support shelf & grate, hinged access cover, vibration & integral dust extraction. Material feeds into the integral flexible screw conveyor.

This is a basic bag dump station with a dust hood, bag support shelf and a spigot for connection to a plant dust extraction system. Notice that there are 2 flexible screws mounted in 2 different directions at the bottom of the hopper. This unit is bolted into the floor while operating but it is fitted with castors so it can easily be moved to another location.

These bag dump stations, being prepared for shipping, are fitted with a glove box so the operator is never in direct contact with the material. Bag compaction units will be connected to the square opening once installed at the end user’s facility.


Spiroflow bag dump stations are offered a standard size but it is common for us to design custom sized hoppers to meet specific application requirements.  Simply let us know how you plan to manage dust and the empty bags & we can deliver a cost-effective bag dump solution that will optimally suit your application needs.


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