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Bulk Bag Conditioners – Video

Bulk Bag Conditioner Position 3

Bulk Bag Conditioners with Video

A Bulk Bag Conditioner quickly and easily conditions even the most difficult products. Simply by moving the bulk bag full of product between the horizontal poles with and then activating the hydraulic drive mechanism, the poles will begin to squeeze the bag. The poles will move up and down as the bag rotates on the turntable which will ensure that even the corners of the bulk bag are conditioned.

Sequence of operations:

The bulk bag conditioner without a bag moving at x4 speed:

The conditioner has a very small footprint which will save valuable floor space and can be stored next to where the product will be delivered.

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If you receive product in bulk bags and have an interest in conditioning the product to help it convey then get in contact with our sales team today. We have been in the bulk material handling industry for more than 45 years and are happy to work with you to improve your weighing accuracy.