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Flo Series Bulk Bag Unloader

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The Flo Series Bulk Bag Unloaders, developed following our acquisition of Control & Metering, include the Flo 40, Flo 60, and Iso Flo models. Each features a sloped hopper equipped with pulse vibration technology.

These designs from the Flo Series can be integrated with various features of our T2 (volume unloading), T3 (loss-in-weight), T4 (single trip bags), and T6 (integral hoist) unloaders. They allow them to fulfill the specific requirements of your applications.

Features of Flo Series Bulk Bag Unloader

Explore the distinctive features of the Flo Series Bulk Bag Unloader, designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of your material handling operations. Here’s how our innovative design elements can meet the diverse needs of your applications: 


  • The Flo 40 features a hopper angled at 40 degrees, optimized for the efficient handling of pellets, granules, flakes, and certain powders.
  • The Flo 60 incorporates a 60-degree angled hopper, ideal for materials that flow poorly and require enhanced dust control.
  • The Iso Flo is equipped with a sloped hopper specifically engineered to achieve complete dust containment.

FLO 40

The Flo 40 bulk bag unloader efficiently and cost-effectively discharges a variety of ingredients from any bulk bag. It works well with ingredients ranging from easy to moderately flowing, including pellets, granules, flakes, and certain powders. It can handle lined and unlined bags, whether they have outlet spouts or porthole outlets. 

The Flo 40’s design includes a 40° angled hopper which transforms the square shape of a bulk bag into a cone or silo shape, combined with pulsed vibration to ensure thorough emptying of the bag’s contents. The Flo 40 bulk bag unloader provides a simple and cost-effective solution to emptying bulk bags.

• Easy to moderate flowing pellets, granules, flakes
and some powders

• Lined or unlined with outlet spout
• Lined with porthole in outer bag

• Low investment
• Ingredient easy to moderate flowing

FLO 60

The Flo 60 bulk bag unloader is designed to discharge challenging, poorly flowing ingredients from bulk bags while ensuring exceptional dust control. It is ideal for handling ingredients that are difficult to flow and produce dust, necessitating significant flow stimulation for complete bag emptying. This unloader can manage both lined and unlined bulk bags equipped with outlet spouts, porthole outlets, or even plain bottoms. 

Flo 60 is highly effective at thoroughly evacuating any type of ingredient from a bulk bag. It’s because it features a sharply angled hopper that is coupled with pulsed vibration. That way, it reshapes the bulk bag from a cubic to a conical or silo form and it’s. 

Connecting dust collection systems to the two dust vents on the Flo 60 results in the creation of a negative pressure zone inside its hopper. This is complemented by a dust membrane made of gum rubber or nitrile that adheres tightly to the sides of the bulk bag. Together, these attributes ensure that the Flo 60 achieves superior dust control without the need for an outlet clamping mechanism.

• All ingredients, including poor flowing ones
• Granules, pellets, powders, and fibers

• Lined or unlined, with outlet spout
• Unlined, with plain bottom
• Lined, with porthole in outer bag

• Difficult flowing or compacted ingredients
• Dusty ingredient
• Any bulk bag configuration

Iso Flo bulk bag unloader


The Iso Flo bulk bag unloader provides total dust containment for unloading any ingredient from bulk bags. Dusting problems are often associated with emptying bulk bags. Dust can be generated at the onset of ingredient flow, during discharge, and while the bag is being removed from the bulk bag discharger.

Iso Flo bulk bag unloaders feature the patented Flo Super Clean liner and outlet spout clamping system enclosed in an isolation chamber. The clamp system seals the bag outlet. The isolation chamber draws away dust that may be created as the bag is rigged or removed. This combination of technologies provides total containment of airborne particles at each stage of the bulk bag unloading process.

Of course, just like the Flo 40 and Flo 60 dischargers, the Iso Flo features a sloped hopper to safely hold and shape the bulk bag to promote flow. Pulsed vibration ensures that any ingredient will be easily discharged.  The Iso Flo comes with either a 40 or 60-degree sloped hopper depending on how much flow inducement is required to maintain a flood feed condition at the bag outlet.

Components of the Flo Series


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