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T9-CV Total Containment Unloader

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Spiroflow, one of the conveyor systems manufacturers, has engineered the T9-CV bulk bag unloader specifically for handling fine, powdery materials that require secure containment to avoid air contamination during the unloading process. This system is ideally suited for safely unloading volatile, hazardous, or explosive contents from bulk bags and super sacks.

Achieving a complete evacuation of materials, especially when dealing with powdery substances that can easily escape, is crucial. To address this, the T9-CV is designed with bag massagers at both the corners and the base of the bag. It also offers an innovative pneumatic bulk bag tensioner and a built-in inner liner clamp as optional and standard features, respectively, to prevent the formation of creases that could harbor leftover materials.

Furthermore, the T9-CV accommodates super sacks of varying sizes with its adjustable height feature, in addition to bulk bags. The model includes a lifting frame locator to ensure the unloader aligns perfectly with the receiving vessel or other equipment. This enhances the product’s containment, ensuring a clean and safe unloading environment.


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The T9-CV Bulk Bag Unloader is crafted to fully contain hazardous, explosive, or toxic materials. Its design allows for unloading based on either volume or weight, and it can be equipped with a built-in bag hoist. Here are the core things you need to know about this model.

The BASE FRAMEWORK is engineered to facilitate the controlled release of materials from bulk bags. This structure features a fully welded design, incorporating a support dish that can fit any bottom-spout bulk bag. The bag’s spout extends through the center of the dish for easy access. The bulk bag creates an extra seal against the support dish, ensuring dust-free operation. A robust frame made of 3-inch (80 mm) square steel tubing is securely welded to the support dish for enhanced durability.

The CONTAINMENT ENCLOSURE is directly welded to the support dish of the bulk bag unloader and features a front door equipped with polycarbonate panels for viewing. Additionally, a 4-inch (100 mm) dust extraction outlet is installed at the back of the housing, designed for easy connection to the client’s dust extraction setup.

Located within the containment enclosure, the LINER CLAMP & DOWNSPOUT system includes a moving stainless steel clamp and a stationary downspout. This setup enables the secure fastening of the bulk bag liner to the clean bag spout. Operated pneumatically, the clamp is designed to retract and connect with the clean bag spout effectively. 

The movement of the clamp is controlled by a dual-button control box, measuring 5 inches (125 mm) in width, which is positioned at the front center of the unit, just beneath the containment enclosure. This bulk bag unloader can incorporate many design options in order to provide maximum versatility and ease of use.

This bulk bag unloader can incorporate a number of design options in order to provide maximum versatility and ease of use.

  1. The product’s bulk bag is attached to the Bag Lifting Frame.
  2. An operator uses a forklift to position the bulk bag correctly.
  3. This Lifting Frame is then positioned atop the Side Tensioning Frame.
  4. The bag’s weight causes the springs to compress, allowing the bottom of the bulk bag to settle on the Support Dish.
  5. Once the bag is securely in place, the operator gains access to the bag’s bottom spout.
  6. The operator proceeds to open the outer bag and, if present, inserts the liner into the clean bag spout, covering it with the outer bag’s chute.
  7. Next, the operator engages the dual safety switches, lowering the retaining ring onto the clean bag spout chute.
  8. With the retaining ring fully engaged, an inflatable ring expands to create a secure, dust-proof seal.
  9. Finally, the operator seals the untie chamber and activates the spout closure bars to their open state, initiating the discharge of materials from the bulk bag.


The T9-CV bulk bag unloader represents just one of the many designs available from our collection besides industrial conveyor systems. Our range of models comes with a variety of features that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of specific applications. Moreover, we are adept at creating bespoke designs on a regular basis. Below is an overview of our fundamental models. A Spiroflow Sales Engineer will assess your specific needs to suggest the most suitable configuration for your project.


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