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Ingredient Handling Solutions

A complete conveyor system

The range of industry applications for Spiroflow powder, dry bulk solids, and other ingredient handling solutions is as diverse as the vast number of materials processed. Whether it’s for conveyor belt systems in the food industry, the delicate operation of a flexible screw conveyor in pharmaceuticals, or the robust demands of mineral processing, our equipment is tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Rarely does anyone seek an off-the-shelf conveyor belt system, bulk bag filler, or bulk bag discharger. The majority of our customers require some degree of custom design, and at Spiroflow, custom design is our standard! We handle the integration of conveyor belt solutions in a fully operational turn-key system or the addition of a simple hopper with controls to meet the highest level of the NEC requirements. Whatever your needs, we are those conveyor systems manufacturers that are ready to meet the challenge with our conveyor technologies.

Ingredient Handling Systems

The range of industry applications for Spiroflow’s powder and dry bulk solids handling equipment is extensive. It spans from applications in the food and pharmaceuticals industry, where a plethora of ingredients are managed with the utmost hygiene, to chemical and mineral applications demanding systems resilient to the most challenging operating environments. Spiroflow is committed to product development, quality engineering, and customer service as long as there is a demand for material handling, ensuring our position among other conveyor manufacturers.

Bag dischargers

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Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers is ready to offer tailored conveyor solutions. Our service encompasses installation, commissioning, after-sales service, service contracts, spares, and much more to guarantee you the lowest cost of ownership. The advantages of partnering with Spiroflow include:

  • 45+ years of powder handling experience,
  • A proven track record and reference sites,
  • A choice of conveyor belt systems, ensuring the correct type of belt conveyor system is used at each part of the system,
  • Process knowledge enabling us, either independently or alongside other belt conveyor manufacturers, to supply, install, and commission processing machines within our systems,
  • System performance guarantee,
  • Full after-sales support.

With our extensive expertise in conveyor belt systems, Spiroflow stands out among industrial conveyor systems manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor belts, fillers, dischargers, and other conveyor solutions tailored to meet every need.

Conveying systems for a major food processing plant

Bulk storage & packing line feed system installed at a coffee & tea processor

Spiroflow dosing system at a water treatment facility

A mixing and packaging system for a confectionery manufacturer

A self-contained bulk bag unloading system with integral hoist

An aero mechanical conveyor elevating chemicals

Bulk Bag Dischargers and Flexible Screw Conveyors feeding a fountain blender at a plastics recycling factory

Transferring materials in a chemical processing plant

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