Weighing & Batching Solutions

Loss-in-weight Chemical Dosing Systems

Spiroflow engineers designed this loss-in-weight chemical dosing system when approached by a leading manufacturer of batteries for military and medical applications.

The system mixes a proprietary recipe of carbon black, graphite, and two brands of EMD. Two bulk bag dischargers dispense EMD to a hopper. Two bag dump stations fitted with glove boxes, bag compactors, and flexible screw conveyors deliver carbon black and graphite to the same hopper.

The hopper delivers the ingredients to a blender for mixing.

The mixture is then transported by an aero mechanical conveyor to a second mixer to confirm the loss-in-weight batch size. A horizontal flexible screw conveyor delivers the dry ingredients to another mixer where liquids are added.

Gain-in-weight Bulk Bag Filling Systems

Three bulk bag fillers are needed for this custom PVC flour dust application for a large carpet manufacturer.

A filling source above, fitted with a rotary air lock, diverter valve, and slide gate, delivers PVC flour dust to a dual, gain-in-weight bulk bag filling system. The dual bagging station is designed for optimal bagging rates and operator productivity. While one bulk bag is being filled, an operator can remove the adjacent filled bulk bag and install a new empty bulk bag.

A third bulk bag filler is used to fill PVC flour dust collected from a plant wide dust collection system. The hopper, fitted with a flexible screw conveyor, is filled from an existing outdoor source not shown.

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