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SMART-4: Spiroflow Material Automatic Refilling Technology

System OVerview

Introducing the new Spiroflow Melter Automatic Refilling Technology from Spiroflow Systems, developed to convey small format hot-melt adhesives to hot melt tanks. The portable SMART-4  and SMART-Bulk systems automatically deliver materials on demand to multiple locations.

The SMART-4 utilizes a portable to hopper and vacuum lances to refill tanks up to 20m (60′) away.

Looking to supply more than four locations? The SMART-Bulk system is capable of feeding materials to more than eight locations at distances of over 60m (200 ft), from a single bulk bag discharger.


  1. A level probe continually senses the material level in each receiver vessel
  2. The control system receives a low-level signal from each vessel when it requires more material
  3. A predetermined amount of material is quickly conveyed via venturi transfer lines to maintain optimal levels and temperatures of material in each location
  4. An audible and visible alarm quickly alerts the operator of low material level in the SMART-4.

SMART-4 Specifications

–10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Pressure: 5bar minimum
Volume: 26.5cfm (0.75m3/min)
Clean (filtered) and dry (no lubricant/oil)

3 phase no neutral
Voltage: 380-415v/50Hz or 440-480v/60Hz
Power: 1.5kw / Amps: 3amp
Standard plug type: 4pin/16amp

One control panel for the whole system (mounted on the dispenser)


180 kg/hour (400 lbs)


Up to 20 m (60 feet)


Height = 1000 mm (39.4 in) when closed / 1500 mm (59 in) opened
Width = 560 cm (22 in) / Depth = 808 cm (32 in)

100 kg / (220 lb) (without product)


140 L = 54 kg of adhesive




SMART-Bulk allows material to be moved to more than 8 different locations. Utilizing a bulk bag unloader to move bulk quantities of pellets to melt tanks up to 60m (200′) away.

SMART-Bulk Details:

  • Material is delivered in 500 kg bulk bags
  • Bulk bag is suspended on a purpose-built frame and dosed via a flow control valve
  • Conveying system is connected directly under the standard Easyflow bulk bag discharger
  • Material is fed directly into receiver vessels
  • System can feed up to 8 locations (depending on distance and total adhesive consumption)
  • Max feeding distance is up to 60 m (200 feet)

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