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Custom Bulk Bag Filler for Construction Industry Soft Landing System

Customer Requirements

Custom bag filler
The Custom Spiroflow Bulk Bag Filler

When the construction industry changed its safety codes, a major cushioned packaging material supplier turned to Spiroflow to help create a solution to meet the new guidelines.

The new construction codes required active protection for workers at construction sites when working at relatively low heights, but high enough to potentially result in serious injury or death in the event of a fall.

To meet the demands and code requirements, the supplier developed a solution to fill connectable bags with plastic polystyrene chips, but needed help filling the bags. For this, they turned to Spiroflow, a worldwide leader in bulk material handling equipment.

Spiroflow Solution

Soft landing system
Typical use of a Soft Landing System in the Construction Industry

For this specific application, Spiroflow designed a custom Bulk Bag Filler that connects to a previously existing hopper at the supplier’s facility. The filler is fed from the hopper located above.

Along with the Bulk Bag Filler, Spiroflow designed buffer hoppers and fillers that would keep the bags filled. The additional hoppers and fillers provided level detectors and electronic controls for accuracy and continuous operation.

“The majority of our Bulk Bag Fillers are tailored to meet specific customer requirements, so we were able to easily implement a low-cost solution to fill this customer’s soft landing cushions,” said Jeff Dudas, CEO for Spiroflow.