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What is the Best Spiral for Your Flexible Screw Conveyor?

Posted on 8th September 2016 by


Are you interested in a flexible screw conveyor? Do you want to know what the best spiral is to convey your material? You’ve come to the right place. At Spiroflow, we’ve been helping processors convey materials with flex screws for over 45 years. In fact, it’s the product that launched our company!

There are several types of spiral profile that can be used – each designed for a specific purpose. Regardless of what screw or spiral is used, flexible screw conveyors offer gentle, dust-free handling for thousands of materials. The spirals inside the tubes are typically made from carbon steel or stainless steel depending on your requirements. These conveyors are low maintenance with their only moving part being the inner screw. Choosing the right screw or spiral is based on your material and application requirements.

The Best Spiral For Your Flexible Screw Conveyor

Round Spiral

A standard round spiral works for most applications. The screw forces solids outwards, reduces friction, and lowers load. It also brings a gentle tumbling action to prevent the separation of mixtures. Round spirals provide the best combination of conveying, mixing efficiency, strength, and long life.

Flat Spiral

Flat spirals are recommended for light, aerated, or very fine products. This spiral directs more force in the direction of flow and increases capacity slightly. Typical applications include talcum powder, fire extinguisher powder, and filter aids such as diatomaceous earth.

Beveled Spiral

Are you working with a difficult material like iron oxide, chocolate, pigments, or any smearing or cohesive products? A screw with a beveled profile is a solid route to take. Because of the close tolerance between the tube and spiral, the length and conveying capacity are limited. This setup is semi-rigid and bends are not recommended, although steep conveying angles are attainable.


Center Core

If your material is light and fluidizes easily, you may need a center core for your screw. A center core sits inside the spiral and stops material from falling back through the middle. It’s also an option for conveyors inclined more than 60˚. Center cores also prevent flooding and overfeeding of certain material in short or horizontal conveyors.


Flex Screw Conveyor Options

The type of spiral or screw won’t be the only decision you make because these conveyors are custom built for your needs. You will need to determine your desired tube material, layout, speed, capacity, and the number of inlets and outlets. Do you need an integral bag dump station/sack tip station, an agitator, mobile base, controls, drive motor wash down, right angle gear reducer, or flexible discharge hose?

Do you require static grounding, an explosion proof motor, and a NEMA 4 or 7/ATEX compliant system?

What are your hygienic requirements? You may need a drop out inlet for quick cleaning, a sanitary seal standoff, or quick release tube connections.

Don’t know exactly what you need? Don’t worry because a supplier that specializes in flexible screw conveyors can help.

Flexible Screw Conveyor Suppliers

There are a lot of flexible screw conveyor suppliers to choose from. We recommend that you work with an experienced supplier that can provide a high quality and long lasting solution that reliably conveys your material at the rate you require. At Spiroflow we heat treat our spirals for strength and long life. We also offer heavy duty spirals for certain high density or abrasive materials.

To learn more about the benefits of a flexible screw conveyor contact us today!

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