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Additional Equipment

At Spiroflow we pride ourselves on being an innovative company, always on the forefront of technological developments to meet the continuously changing needs of our customers. Our comprehensive product range includes solutions for the most advanced conveying, weighing, filling and discharging applications to meet the growing demands of processors who use bulk bags and IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). At the same time, we understand the needs of processors who require efficient, basic, standard equipment at an economic price.

Bin Activators

Spiroflow Bin Activators effectively control the discharge of powdered or granular material from bulk storage systems.

Bin, Bag/Sack & Drum Emptiers

Dust problems caused by emptying bags/sacks of fine, aerated or volatile powders are eliminated with the Spiroflow range of bin, bag/sack and drum dumpers. This equipment not only eradicates the dust problems caused by manually emptying bags but also the subsequent disposal of empty bags.

Bulk Bag Conditioners

Do you receive ingredients that must be broken up before they will reliably discharge from a bulk bag? Our bulk bag conditioner easily and effectively breaks up solid ingredients contained within bulk bags.

Box & Octabin Dumpers

Spiroflow offers hydraulic box/octabin and drum dumpers (often referred to as 'tippers') to suit a variety of applications.