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Brewing & Distilling – What are the Best Conveyor Options?

Unloading bags

Brewers and distillers of all sizes need to move malt to create beer and the best way to move the product with minimal manual handling is with a mechanical conveyor. At Spirolfow we have the broadest product range in our industry and we can advise on which conveyor will be most suitable to your application.

Conveying challenges in Brewing and Distilling

At Spiroflow we understand that smaller craft breweries and microbreweries use batch production methods rather than the en masse methods of the larger distilleries. This can often present a challenge as it is typically inefficient and labor intensive. We also understand that space is a valuable commodity in microbreweries and craft breweries so choosing a conveyor with a small footprint that will work well in low headroom is essential. Whatever the challenge, we have over 45 years experience in the solids and bulk handling industry and we will have a solution for you.

At Spiroflow we have two suitable conveyors whether you are a craft brewer or a large distillery we have something suitable for your application:

Flexible Screw Conveyors

The flexible crew conveyor is one of the top choices for conveying malt in breweries and distilleries because it is low maintenance and easy to clean. The flexible screw conveyor only has one moving part, the spiral, and this makes it very low maintenance and easy to clean. The Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor comes with quick release flanges for easy cleaning so there will be minimal cross contamination if you need to change batches. Watch our video on why the flexible screw conveyor is a hygienic conveyor here: Watch Video

This is the best option if you require a low throughput.

Aeromechanical Conveyors

The aeromechanical conveyor would be our top choice for conveying malt in a craft brewery or microbrewery due to its small footprint. The aeromechanical conveyor works by moving the product in an airstream created by evenly spaced polyurethane discs moving at high speeds. The design of the rope and discs makes it an incredibly gentle conveyor and is ideal for conveying a product like malt as there will be minimal product degradation and dusting. Best of all this conveyor is very energy efficient.

This is the best option if you require a higher throughput.

Read our Case Study and see how we helped a historic brewer install an Aeromechanical conveyor to move malt up to a second floor. Read Case Study 1003

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