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How Much Does a Bulk Bag Discharger Cost?

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In the world of industrial conveyor systems and other bulk material handling solutions, the cost of various conveyor solutions is paramount. Let’s address one question and answer – how much does a bulk bag discharger cost? We’ll explore various factors that influence the cost of bulk bag dischargers, including their types, features, and the specific needs of different industries.

How Much Does a Bulk Bag Discharger Cost?

Are you wondering how much does a bulk bag discharger cost? Do you want to find the most economical discharging solution with the highest chance of success? There are several variations of dischargers out there designed for different applications. They can be further customized for a processor’s unique site constraints.

Here at Spiroflow, we’ve been helping processors with their bulk material handling needs for more than 45 years. We know these machines well. Spiroflow offers the most comprehensive range of standard and custom discharging equipment in the industry. Whether you call them bulk bag dischargers or bulk bag unloaders, you should expect a dust-free and hygienic method of emptying products from most models. This article details what a supplier will need to know from you in order to provide the best bulk bag discharger design possible for the right price.

Calcium carbonate bulk bag unloader

Types of Bulk Bag Dischargers

There are plenty of types of bulk bag dischargers available. If you communicate to conveyor systems manufacturers about your layout and application needs, there’s likely a discharger for you. Understanding the variety and functionality of these dischargers is key to optimizing your operations. From those designed for precise unloading by volume or weight to specialized single-trip bulk bag dischargers, the choices are diverse. Here are the questions you should ask:

  • Want to unload by volume or by weight?
  • Need a single-trip bulk bag discharger?
  • Does your plant have headroom constraints?
  • If your operators don’t have access to a forklift, are you interested in an integral hoist?
  • Are you unloading more than just bulk bags, maybe rigid bins or boxes?
  • Is your product volatile, toxic, or explosive?
  • Do you have a pharmaceutical or dairy application?
  • Are you looking for a basic design?

What Are Your Requirements?

When you’re speaking with an engineer or salesperson about your discharging needs, you’ll likely be asked a wide range of questions. This will help the belt conveyor manufacturers narrow down the options necessary to provide you with the best solution for your process. Here is what they could ask:

  • Do you need the equipment to accept varying bag sizes?
  • Does your product flow poorly?
  • Do you require a bag tensioning device to make sure your product is emptied?
  • Do you need an integral take-off conveyor?
  • Do you need static grounding and monitoring?
  • Is the environment covered by NEC regulations?

Again, these are just some of the questions you should expect to be asked. It’s crucial for a supplier to know as many details about your product and your layout as possible.

Discharger Dust Containment Options

We know how important containing dust is to operators. All Spiroflow dischargers come with a dust containment cabinet. There are many design variations to the cabinet and it can be customized to fit your needs. Don’t mistakenly infer that custom means expensive. At Spiroflow, we engineer every solution to your needs, so getting what you need doesn’t necessarily equate to spending more.

Spout Closure Bars

Spout closure bars prevent dust by allowing the bag to be untied without product release. The aperture can be set to control the flow rate from the bag. The bars can close off the spout to allow the bag to be retied and removed from the discharging frame.

Hygienic Bag Spout Clamp

Hygienic bag spout clamps prevent material spills by offering complete dust containment while discharging.

Glove Box

Glove boxes are ideal for preventing operator exposure to a product when dealing with hazardous materials.

Bulk bag discharger

Other Bulk Bag Discharger Options Available

There are several additional options to choose from when a standard design isn’t enough. These may be needed to fulfill your rate requirements or are needed because of your product’s characteristics.

Bag Massagers

Bag massagers are a flow aid that helps promote materials to flow from bulk bags. They’re located either at the base of the support dish, at the corners, or on the side frame. Bag massagers are actuated by pneumatic cylinders, and their position and frequency are fully adjustable. They’re effective if the material has been compacted from storage or when vibration causes further compaction and hinders unloading.

Metering Feeders

A flexible screw conveyor is able to provide the type of metering your process needs, gravimetric and volumetric. A metering device can mate to the discharger to achieve a gravimetric or volumetric process.

Mobile Frame

A mobile frame provides a versatile arrangement for processors who need to discharge bulk bags at several locations. This is available for most bulk bag discharger types.

Lifting Frame Liner Clamp

Bulk bags are often supplied with a long inner liner, which must be clamped at the top to prevent fouling the take-off conveyor. This is used for materials that can leak through a bag or other type of container.

Bag Folding Table

A bulk bag folding table provides a practical solution to bag disposal problems and allows residual product extraction from the bulk bag.­­

Static Protection

Designed for use in hazardous atmospheres with a static dissipative bag, the ground monitoring device automatically checks that the bag is correctly grounded before discharging can begin.

Bag Or Sack Dump Door

A large bag or sack dump door is useful because if your supply of bulk bags is interrupted, smaller bags or raw materials can be emptied into the unloader. This can also be used to dispense minor ingredients into a system.

Bulk Bag Discharger Cost

Now that we’ve explored the diverse types of bulk bag dischargers and their various applications, it’s time to address a crucial aspect – cost. Understanding the pricing of these systems is essential for budgeting and making an informed investment decision. Here’s what you can expect to pay now that you have an idea of what goes into bulk bag discharger pricing. The most basic type of bulk bag discharger is about $9,000 (£3,000). The most complex design with all of the features and options is about $125,000 (£100,000).

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Do You Have Any Questions?

We’re here to assist you in navigating the complexities of conveyor technologies. Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with. If you’re interested in more than just dischargers, check out our line of bulk bag fillers. We also have a full line of industrial conveyor systems, and we perform control system integration. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step toward optimizing your bulk material handling operations.

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