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Bulk Bag Unloader & Flexible Screw Conveyor Used to Make Favorite Crackers

Customer Requirements

Installation view
General view of the installation

Jacob’s Bakeries Ltd, Aintree, Liverpool factory has been producing biscuits & crackers since the 1920’s. Jacob’s is an iconic brand with over 125 years of baking heritage. Jacob’s biscuits were first baked in 1850 by William Jacob in Waterford, Ireland.
They have already been using a Bulk Bag Unloader with integral Flexible Screw Conveyor to load oat flour into a mixer, via a storage silo, for 14 years. To enable them to produce other products in the same mixer, they needed a way to load alternative flours directly into the mixer, bypassing the storage silos.
The mixer is in operation 14 hours a day, 7 days a week and mixes a new batch of cracker base every 30 minutes. So, the new equipment has to be very reliable to keep the mixer fed.

Spiroflow Solution

flour conveying
Operative charging sacks of brown flour directly into the mixer via the additional conveyor

A Flexible Conveyor has been installed and it feeds bags of brown flour directly into the mixer.

– This is used to manufacture the base of Jacob’s famous Club crackers, Gold crackers and some of the crackers for their packs of ‘Biscuits for Cheese.’
– This conveyor installed beside the existing Bulk Bag Unloader is 36’ / 11m long, lifting the flour up some 16’/ 5m at an angle of approximately 45°.
– It was linked to an existing sack tip station with integral check sifter.
– The inlet to the conveyor is complete with an agitator to prevent any bridging of the coarse brown flour and we supplied a check magnet as part of our scope of supply.
– The conveyor and its controls are designed to operate in an ATEX Zone 22 area.