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Spiroflow Conveyors & Bag Dump Stations Installed in World’s Leading Snack Food Factories

Customer Requirements

Over 200 Flexible Screw Conveyors with integral Bag Dump Stations are installed at the world’s leading snack food factories, feeding seasonings and flavors to coating machines.

Snack Food manufacturers, the world over, require a reliable and easy-to-clean method of transferring bags of seasoning and flavorings to coating machines. Many require the equipment to be mobile so that one unit can feed numerous machines and so that it can be removed to a remote area for cleaning between batches.

Spiroflow Solution

mobile flavour feeder
Mobile Flavor Feeders serving Coating Drums

For many years we have been supplying flavor feeding units to the leading Snack Food companies worldwide. We have supplied them either directly to the companies themselves or, more frequently, through Systems Integrators they employ to construct their factories and production lines.

Over the years we have customized our machines to meet the specific requirements of individual customers:

-Each Flavor Feeder has a Flexible Screw Conveyor with integral Bag Dump Station.
-A dust hood with transparent strip curtain reduces the exposure of operators to dust while emptying bags.
This can be further improved if the unit has an integral dust extractor or is connected to a central extraction system.
-Safety interlocked access panels ensure that the Flavor Units can be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross-contamination of flavors between batches.
-They can be mounted on robust mobile frames so that one unit can be used to feed numerous machines and also so that it can be removed to a remote area for cleaning.