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Flexible Screw Conveyors Resolve Dust & Containment Problems for Agricultural Producer

Customer Requirements

Spiro Conveyor
Spiroflow Conveyors installed through an exterior wall convey flour to a ribbon blender

An Idaho-based producer of agricultural related powders had utilized mechanical conveyors including screw conveyors & bucket elevators.
Although the equipment was functional it created significant dust and maintenance issues they needed to alleviate. They got in touch with us to help solve their dust & containment issues.

Spiroflow Solutions

twin conveyors
Twin Conveyors under outdoor silos.

By working with Spiroflow, this customer successfully employed three new flexible screw conveyors to convey flour from outside silos into their process inside, vastly improving the performance and cleanliness of their system.

– A combination of flexible screw conveyors were recommended by Spiroflow’s local manufacturer’s representative as a dust-free and efficient alternative.
– In this application two outdoor silos were provided with rotary valves on the discharge.
– The flexible screw conveyor inlets were designed to match the existing valve’s flange pattern for ease of installation.
– Two Spiroflow Model FSC-658 conveyors with flat profile screws, convey flour at a combined rated of 24,000 lb/hr/ 10,900kg/hr into a common ribbon blender inside the building about 18’/ 5.5m from the silos.
– After the batch is mixed a Spiroflow model FSC-834 conveys the product directly from the blender at the same rate 20’/ 6m at a 60° angle into the downstream process.

The Results

Flour Flex conveyor
Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyors moves flour from silos.

After several months in operation the conveyors have performed flawlessly, eliminating dust spillage and any unplanned maintenance or downtime.

The new Spiroflow solution:
– Resolved their existing dust and maintenance issues,
– Reduced the space required due to their small footprint,
– Simplified installation by minimizing building penetrations,
– Offered quiet operation, and
– Provided reliable operation.