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Bulk Bag Unloader & Flexible Screw Conveyor Doses Bread Crumbs for Sausage Production

Customer Requirements

Bulk bag unloader
Bulk Bag Unloader with Flexible Screw Conveyor leading off through warehouse wall

A sausage manufacturer turned to Spiroflow for their conveying solutions. As the South East of England closed the sausage factory, the North West site expanded.

The old site previously used a a Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader with integral Flexible Screw Conveyor to convey bread crumbs from Bulk Bags stored in the warehouse.

Spiroflow solution

2 flex srew conveyor
Outlet of Flexible Screw Conveyor unloading bread crumbs via a sifter in to tubs

-The Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader supplied to this customer has stainless steel contact parts mounted in an epoxy coated carbon steel frame.
– Untying of the bag outlet takes place within the dust cabinet.
– Access to the outlet spout is facilitated by an interlocked access door.
– The cabinet is connected to the factory’s central filtration system so that any airborne particles are drawn away before the access door is opened to tie off empty bags ready for removal.
– Unloaded bread crumbs are conveyed 10ft/ 3m from the bulk bag unloader, located in the bulk materials/ingredients warehouse, through a wall into wheeled tubs in the high-hygiene production area.

The Results

Pinch bars
Pinch bars keep the neck of the bag closed while it is untied.

Flexible Screw Conveyors are so accurate that bread crumbs are volumetrically metered into the tubs using a timer. In the tubs, the bread crumbs are mixed with other minor ingredients according to the type of sausage to be produced.