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‘Rise & Fall’ Bulk Bag Filler Loads Fragile Products

Customer Requirements

The bulk bag fillers in the ‘rise’ position

A supplier of a mixed fruit and nut product needed a way to load 660 lb. (300 kg) batches without damage. The product contained whole walnuts that were particularly fragile.

Spiroflow Solution

This challenge was an excellent opportunity for us to apply our ingenuity and vast bulk materials handling experience. The result is a new ‘Rise and Fall’ model for our Bulk Bag Filler product range.

  • To prevent fruit and nuts from falling the full height into an empty Bulk Bag, the bottom of the empty bag had to be raised to just below the filling tube outlet.
  • The gap between the end of the tube and the bottom of the bag was just enough to let the nuts gently flow into the bag without damage.
  • The bag was then lowered slowly to allow filling to continue.
  • Lowering of the bag controls the flow of fruit and nuts down to the filling tube.
  • This is due to the ‘self-choking’ action caused by the product’s natural ‘angle of repose’ as it exits the tube and spreads out.
  • Accordingly, the bottom of the bag is incrementally lowered until it is filled to the desired weight. Following gentle vibration, the bag is ready to be removed.

Of course, the ‘Rise and Fall’ model can incorporate all of the standard ‘Spiroflow’ options such as pallet dispensers, pallet delivery, conveyors, bag inflation, weighing, displaced air filtration, automatic removal of filled bags and vibration. Vibration consolidates the bag contents making them aesthetically pleasing and safe to handle, transport and store.