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Bulk Bag Unloader Safely Discharges Explosives Powders

Customer Requirements

company located in Baxley, Georgia needed to unload an explosive powder from Bulk Bags. They had some specific requirements:

1) They needed to dump material from 20lb/ 9kg bags as well as from bulk bags. The company was phasing out these smaller bags, but needed to maintain the capability to use them occasionally.

2)There was a concern about dust escaping into the atmosphere so an integral dust collector was specified. The integral dust collector was attractive to the customer since his facility did not have a central dust collection system.

3)The product being handled was an explosive powder so the electrics on the unloading station had to be NEMA 7 compliant.

Spiroflow Solutions

Spiroflow was able to provide an ideal solution. We supplied our Type 2 Bulk Bag Unloader with an integral dust collector and Bag Dump Station.

– The Bulk Bag Unloader is able to empty normal 2,000-4,000lb / 1-2 tonne bulk bags in addition to the 20lb/ 9kg bags that might still need to be emptied occasionally.

– The dust collector is completely integral and has a 1.0hp/ 0.75kW fan and self-cleaning reverse pulse filter.

– The Bag Dump Station is very user friendly. The large, easy access station ensures the operator has no problem dumping large bags.

– The station is completely dust-free.

The key to the success of the Bulk Bag Unloader is the way that bulk bags are kept tensioned by spring-loaded support arms that extend the bag as product is discharged. This aids the complete emptying of the contents. Untying the Bulk Bag takes place via the access door in the enclosure above the bag dump panel. Again, any dust is drawn off by the dust collector.

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