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Bulk Material Handling Equipment Helps Recycle Plastic Window Frames & Other PVC-U Products

Customer Requirements

BBU on pulverizing line
Bulk Bag Unloaders on pulverizing line

Dekura, formerly Polypro Ltd, is a leading PVC-U recycler, collecting waste from more than 1,000 window and door fabricators nationwide.

They are able to recycle waste generated in the fabrication process and also post-consumer waste generated from old early generation PVC-U windows, doors, roof line and rainwater goods. Waste is processed in size reduction equipment.

– Once broken down, powerful magnets remove ferrous metals.

– Further manual inspection removes other less magnetic materials and non-ferrous materials.

– Then, shakers help to sort material sizes for reprocessing.

– More refined processing removes any remaining debris, for example tiny fragments of metal or rubber, and then the materials are color sorted.

– This completes the process and the material is ready to be compounded into pellets or pulverized into a powder ready for use in a new generation of advanced products.

Dekura needed to increase the capacity of their Telford plant which uses a combination of positive pressure pneumatic and vacuum conveying systems to move material between processes.

Spiroflow Solutions

BBU on compounding line
Bulk Bag Unloaders on compounding line

Spiroflow Supplied:

  • 2 Bulk Bag Unloaders
  • 2 Rigid Bin Dischargers
  • 3 Bulk Bag Fillers
  • 1 Fountain Blender
  • 10 Flexible Screw Conveyors 

All the controls for this equipment were designed and manufactured by Spiroflow to be integrated into the PLC systems that control the new Pulverizing and Compounding lines. One of the Bulk Bag Unloaders is furnished with bag massagers so that it can deal with difficult bags that have become compacted during transportation or contain non-free flowing chopped material.

“We are pleased with the design of the equipment and the quality of the workmanship. Our operators like the plant – it looks after itself.” – Environment and Development Manager.

Why Choose Flexible Screw Conveyors?

Flexible Screw Conveyors leading from the Rigid Bin Dischargers on the compounding line

“The original plant was more expensive to run. It was noisy and, of course, we had to have a filtration system to remove the dust from the exhaust air. I know of Flexible Screw Conveyors from a previous life. They are quiet in operation, have low running costs, do not require any filtration and have the added advantage that they continually re-mix as they convey – very important for blended materials.” – Sean Heath.