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Bulk Bag Filler Fills Plastics for Solid State Polymerization Leader

Customer Requirements

PET processors
A variety of bulk bags sizes can be handled by the Bulk Bag Filler
Pet bulk bag filler
Spiroflow Bulk Bag Filling Machine

PETUK are the acknowledged leaders in batch Solid State Polymerization (SSP) offering a toll processing service to the plastics industry.

– The SSP process changes the crystallinity and molecular weight of semi-crystalline thermoplastics, such as PET and its derivatives.

– This results in improved processing and physical properties of the customer’s finished products.

– PETUK is a unique and highly efficient organization operating 24/7 processing over 15,000 tons per year.

– More and more materials are being delivered in bulk bags.

As part of a major plant upgrade, PETUK required a new bulk bag filler. The exact weight of processed material in each bag must be confirmed so they contacted Avery Weigh-Tronix, the UK’s leading weighing company and the supplier of the other weighing equipment onsite. Avery Weigh-Tronix don’t make bulk bag filler but they recommended Spiroflow.

Spiroflow Solution

CS Bulk bag

The Spiroflow Bulk Bag Filler handles the extensive range of products effectively, as well as the great variety of bulk bag sizes and types supplied by PETUK’s customers.

– It is now aesthetically pleasing.

– Upright and stable 1 ton/ 1000kg bulk bags can now be filled to the required weight in less than one minute.

– 20 bags can be filled an hour which is a significant increase in productivity.

– The bulk bag filler is mounted on a weigh platform controlled with a weigh indicator and customized software.

– The bag support frame is pneumatically lowered for rigging and raised for filling to ensure the bag is fully stretched.

– Bulk bags are vibrated as they are filled. Vibration is exerted in the vertical plane only for maximum effect.