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Bulk Bag Unloader & Flexible Screw Conveyor Distribute Resins for Commercial Bathroom Fittings

Customer Requirements

T5 Low headroom BBU
T5 Low Headroom Bulk Bag Unloader

Thomas Dudley Ltd. manufactures high quality bathroom products and engineers gray and SG/ ductile iron castings to customer specifications.

The company recently sought assistance with production efficiency and Health & Safety improvements at their West Midlands plant. They needed to eliminate the manual loading of resins used in the manufacturing of anti-vandal sanitary ware, into a continuous casting machine. This previously involved hand weighing and pouring of additives.

The key requirements were:

  • Reduce manual handling
  • Create dust-free working environment
  • Convey materials to the continuous casting machine at a uniform rate to prevent clumping
  • Solution must adhere to the building height restrictions

Spiroflow Solution

FSC feeds resin
Flexible Screw Conveyor feeds resin to the Continuous Casting Machine
  • T5 Low Headroom Bulk Bag Unloader with bag neck seal to ensure dust containment
  • 16ft/ 5m Flexible Screw Conveyor to feed resin to the Continuous Casting Machine

Mike Mohr, Works Director, confirms, “Our biggest worry was dust control and air contamination, the Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader has surpassed our expectations, created a safer working environment and increased our flow of production. Once Spiroflow had commissioned the conveyor their service engineer spent a day training our operatives on the correct usage and preventative maintenance procedures to ensure we continue to receive optimum performance from our equipment.”

The Results

  • No dust emissions
  • Reduced manual handling and increased Health & Safety measures
  • Allows for easy loading and unloading of bulk bags within the building height restrictions