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Bulk Material Handling Systems Delivers Cement Based Products for Construction Industry Manufacturer

Customer Requirements

Bank of bulk bag unloaders
Front of the bank of Bulk Bag Unloaders

A US manufacturer needed a system to discharge 5 constituent components from 3,000 lb./ 1,360kg bulk bags to one of two mixers.

They manufacture a range of cement based, environmentally-friendly products for the construction industry.

Spiroflow Solution

Rear of unloaders
Rear of the Unloaders showing the Flexible Screw Conveyors feeding the Aero Mechanical Conveyors

We supplied 5 of our Type 3 Bulk Bag Unloaders each with its own integral Flexible Screw Conveyor to deliver a varied of materials including cement, non-silica sand, fly-ash, bottom-ash and re-cycled glass.

  • Each of these components are fed into a horizontal Aero Mechanical Conveyor that runs behind the unloaders.
  • Each AMC has 5 inlets to receive material from each of the 5 Flexible Screw Conveyors.
  • The horizontal conveyor feeds another vertical Aero Mechanical Conveyor which lifts the materials into a horizontal screw that feeds them into either the ‘wet’ or the ‘dry’ mixer.
  • Each of the Bulk Bag Unloaders, with integral Flexible Screw Conveyors, are mounted on load cells which enable precise amounts of constituents to be weighed out into the horizontal Aero Mechanical Conveyor and transferred into either of the 2 mixers.
  • A major advantage of Aero Mechanical Conveyors is their ability to totally transfer whatever is fed into them – of critical importance for the production of accurate and highly repeatable formulations.