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Flexible Screw Conveyors Deliver Chemical Additives for Construction Adhesives

Chemical additives conveyor
Flexible Screw Conveyor delivers chemical additives

Building Adhesives Ltd, manufacturers of ‘BAL’ and ‘Dunlop’ construction adhesives, needed a new production line that would generally meet their production targets through single shift working.

As part of the new production line, two dedicated conveyors were required to transfer the two minor additives from their respective bag dump stations to weigh hoppers above the main mixer.

The conveyors needed to fit into the tight space available and work reliably day in and day out.

Spiroflow Solution

  • The two conveyors deliver minor additives from bag dump stations where 50lb/ 25kg bags are slit open on a grill above a buffer hopper.
  • Several bags are emptied at a time into the buffer hoppers, which sit above the conveyor inlets.
  • The buffer hoppers are furnished with dust containment cabinets that are connected to the factory’s central dust extraction system.
  • The Spiroflow conveyors operate in response to a signal at the start of each new batch of product.
  • They run until the respective load cell mounted minor additive weigh hoppers, that they serve, reach their target weights.

The Result

Chemical additives

The conveyors are dedicated to their individual products and do not have to be cleaned between batches. They have been in operation since they were installed without requiring any attention.

Project Engineer, Dave Smith, said: “Given that we were tight for space and reliability was a key issue, flexible screw conveyors were the obvious choice.”

When asked why he chose a Spiroflow conveyor rather than a competitor’s, he confirms,“Because your representative took samples of product away for tests and came back with a good offer that included a performance guarantee.”