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Water Treatment Applications

Customer Requirements

Water authorities, steelworks & chemical plants that use large volumes of water are required to return used water at minimum pollutant levels.

To find an unloader that met these specifications, Kuhn and some of his fellow engineers attended a powder show in Charlotte, NC. At the Spiroflow booth, Kuhn found exactly what he needed with the Universal Type 2 Bulk Bag Unloader.

Typical products used in the water industry include:
• Activated Carbon
• Lime
• Hydrated Lime
• Aluminum Granules
• Soda Ash

Type 6 BBD
Spiroflow Type 6 Bulk Bag Discharger

Spiroflow Solution

Spiroflow Systems has developed a full range of equipment of equipment specifically designed for water treatment applications.

Minimum dust & waste
Reduced manual handling
Removes need for bulk silos
Handled by volume or weight

In addition to the benefits of reduced labor, Spiroflow equipment also operates with greater reliability and minimum maintenance. Material costs may also be reduced as Spiroflow conveyors permit the use of coarser and less expensive grades of lime than required by axial type powder pumps.

Spiroflow Systems offers a complete system for accurately discharging and metering dry water treatment chemicals. Many of the products used for pH control, such as hydrated lime, activated carbon and soda ash are now delivered in one ton bulk bags. Spiroflow is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of Bulk Bag dischargers, as well as flexible screw conveyors, which have been used in the water treatment industry for many years for metering and conveying from silos.