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USDA Accepted Bulk Bag Unloading & Conveying


Spiroflow’s Bulk Bag Discharger / Flexible Screw Conveyor systems have been designed to meet situations where sensitive products need to be handled in a controlled environment. They are particularly suitable for those products where the highest levels of sanitation and the lowest degrees of cross contamination must be maintained during handling and includes: meat, poultry, dairy, food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, pigments/ dyes, and catalysts.

Bulk Bag Unloader

  • For discharging bulk bags in any facility requiring USDA authorized machinery.
  • Where microbiological contamination must be controlled or where product cross contamination must be minimized.
  • Applications requiring ease of dry or wet cleaning of equipment.

Flexible Screw Conveyor

  • 304 stainless steel contact surfaces.*
  • All connections are sanitary clamps.
  • Quick release spiral with release mechanism located outside of the product contact area.

Contact Surfaces

  • All contact surfaces are pitched to provide complete drainage after cleaning.
  • 304 stainless steel.
  • Continuous welds, ground smooth and flush, crack and crevice-free with a #4, 180 grit polish.

Non-Contact Surfaces

  • 304 stainless steel
  • Continuous exterior welds, ground smooth.
  • Satin smooth bead blasted exterior using 200 micron spherical virgin silica beads (other polishes available).

Design Options

  • Bag massage for compacted, poor-flowing products (starch, cocoa powder, 10X sugar).
  • Bag spout pinch bars provide a ‘hands-off’ opening and closing of the bag spout adding to the low contamination and clean operation of the discharger.
  • Loss-in-weight with integral electronic load cells.
  • Integral flexible screw or other types of conveyors.
  • Electroplated interior.

Standard Design features

  • Dust-tight working chamber with a large 18” dust tight access hatch keeps area safe from product spillage.
  • Sloped surfaces are self-draining and prevent standing water from accumulating (source of microbiological growth).
  • Continuous crack and crevice-free interior surface allows dry (air or brush) cleaning or wet cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Separate inner and outer chambers limit contamination from entering the product feed stream from outside of the bag.
  • All stainless steel construction is suitable for cleaning with alkaline or acidic cleaners.