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Customer Service – What happens when something goes wrong?


Spiroflow strives to offer the right solution, not just any solution, for your conveying needs. That’s why one of our core values is accountability. If it is determined that our equipment is not the right solution for your application, our customer service standard is to own up to that and ease the resolution process.
This case study is an example of that standard. Spiroflow went above and beyond to find the right solution for Cryotech Deicing Technology’s conveying needs, ultimately deciding that Spiroflow’s product was not the end solution for Cryotech’s application.

Customer Requirements

Spiroflow’s Cableflow Tubular Drag Conveyor
Spiroflow’s Cablevey Tubular Drag Conveyor

Cryotech Deicing Technology manufactures environmentally-friendly deicers and anti-icers for highway, commercial, and airport runway use. Cryotech is based in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Cryotech trusted Spiroflow to implement a system to convey ice melt products, Calcium Magnesium Acetate and Sodium Chloride. Their requirements were:

To elevate and move the product to a mixing and packaging.

An easy to clean system with parts that could easily be changed out to replace an existing bucket elevator.

To meet these needs, Spiroflow designed a Cablevey Tubular Drag Conveyor, which is easy to clean, and that testing indicated could easily move the quantity of product required for the application. Unfortunately, lab testing did not accurately predict the true abrasive nature of the product in Cryotech’s production process. Soon after startup Spiroflow was notified of problem with the conveyor and although Spiroflow did not provide Installation, startup or commissioning services Spiroflow immediately dispatched a service engineer to Cryotech’s Iowa facility.

Spiroflow Solution

Product installation at the Cryotech Deicing Technology facility in Iowa

Upon arrival, the engineers learned the Cablevey had not been installed properly.

  • Spiroflow’s Service Manager maintained daily communication with the client, often multiple times per day, and visited the site himself to quality check.
  • Spiroflow’s team agreed in consultation with Cryotech that this particular piece of equipment would not be a long term viable solution, ultimately deciding that Spiroflow’s conveyor was not the end solution for Cryotech’s application.Spiroflow purchased the equipment back from Cryotech, and Cryotech reverted to their previous conveying system.
    While the result was disappointing, by acting quickly Spiroflow forged a long-term relationship with the customer. Cryotech CEO Craig Starwalt said of Spiroflow’s team, “I was very impressed with the speed, diligence, knowledge, and the great lengths Spiroflow’s CEO went to reach out

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