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Spout Closure Bars

Spout Closure Bars

BBD spout

Spiroflow’s patented spout closure bars are a multi-functional feature available on Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharge systems.

They allow the processor to:

  • Open bulk bags in a totally enclosed and dust-free manner
  • Partially empty, re-tie and remove bulk bags
  • Release batches from a bulk bag by weight or by volume


BBD spout closed

The bulk bag is loaded on to the discharger and the closure bars are closed pneumatically around the spout above the tie strings. This enables the operator to untie the bag via the access door without spillage or dust emission.

  • When the bag is untied and the interlocked access door is safely closed, the spout closure bars are then opened to release the contents into the integral conveyor.
  • The bars may be partially or fully opened depending on the flow-ability of the product and the desired discharge rate.
  • If a batching operation is required, the spout closure bars are activated to close the bag when the desired amount of product has been released by loss-in-weight.
  • The spout closure bars also enable the bag to be re-tied and removed from the discharger if partially emptying is required.
  • This allows the processor to take advantage of semi-bulk delivery of even minor ingredients, at the same time discharging in a dust-free and precisely controlled manner.

This product is covered by one or more of the following: US Patent Nos. 5,787,689 UK Patent Nos. 2302932B

BBD spout tied

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