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Conveying Tea – Choose the Right Conveyor

Tea can come in many forms before it is packaged or processed such as loose leaf tea or instant powdered tea. The type of tea you are looking to convey could affect which type of conveyor will be most suitable for your application. At Spiroflow we have the broadest range of conveying equipment on the market and this means we can give you an objective opinion on which conveyor will work best for your tea application.

Conveying tea is not without it’s challenges from dusting and degradation to maintaining batch integrity. In this blog, we will discuss our mechanical conveying range and how each bulk material conveyor will be suitable for conveying tea.

Flexible Screw Conveyors:

Our flexible screw conveyor is made up of one moving part – the spiral inside a tube. Because of this, the flexible screw conveyor is a very versatile and low cost conveyor. It is ideal for conveying blends of tea or flavored teas as it is easily cleaned using the quick release flanges so you can have a fast turnaround between flavor batches. Furthermore the spiral continually mixes the blend as it conveys using the helical motion, this will allow you to maintain the batch integrity of the tea flavors as you convey.

Aero-Mechanical Conveyors:

The Aero-Mechanical conveyor creates an airstream which moves the product up the tubes along with high-speed discs and a rope. This conveyor is a great choice for conveying both instant tea and loose leafed tea as it offers total containment. So any dust created from the tea will be contained within the conveyor which reduces the risk of explosions caused by static build up on the combustible tea dust. This conveyor is airtight and runs quietly and with minimal energy, making it a superior choice for conveying tea.

Cable Drag Conveyors:

The cable drag conveyor operates in a similar way to the Aero-mechanical conveyor as it has evenly spaced discs connected by a rope, however, it drags the product along the tube rather than creating an air stream. If you are conveying tea in leaf form this is an excellent choice as it is extremely gentle at conveying friable products and will reduce degradation on your product. As this product does not use vacuums, air blasts, belts or buckets this would be the best choice if minimizing the degradation of your product is of top priority.

Spare Parts:

As leafed tea is somewhat abrasive it can lead to higher rates of wear and tear on your conveyor so choosing to stock relevant spare parts in case of breakdowns is always wise. To read more about why we recommend having a spare parts strategy read our blog: Why We Recommend Having a Spare Parts Strategy

Are you looking to convey tea?

If you are looking for a suitable conveyor to convey your tea then get in touch with us to discuss how we can help. At Spiroflow we have over 45 years in the solids and bulk handling industry and with the broadest range of products, we can help solve any conveying challenge.

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