Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Spiroflow knows bulk material handling equipment. With our complete selection of dry bulk material handling equipment – including conveyors, bulk bag fillers and unloaders – we help you move what matters.

Conveyor Solutions

With a complete range of flexible screw conveyors, aero mechanical conveyors, cable drag conveyors, chain drag conveyors & pneumatic conveyors, our engineers can assess your application needs and objectively make a recommendation. For 45 years, our design engineers have provided customers with the most reliable bulk material handling and powder conveyors available.
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Bulk Bag Fillers

Spiroflow bulk bag fillers range from economical basic models to the high volume CTE design for filling and densifying 35+ bags/hour. Sometimes called super sack loaders, our bulk bag fillers are modular in construction, so you can specify any number of options to meet your individual bulk material handling requirements.
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Bulk Bag Unloaders

A wide range of bulk bag unloader models are available plus loss-in-weight, integral hoists, bag massagers, spout & liner control, and mobile frames. Spiroflow bulk bag unloading equipment’s advanced, patented features allow total containment of dusty, hazardous and poor flowing products.
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Additional Bulk Material Handling Equipment

A complete bulk material handling solution often includes additional bulk powder handling equipment such as bulk bag dump stations, bulk bag conditioners, box or drum tippers, bin activators, and end-of-line robotic palletizing.
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