Materials Testing & Equipment Testing

Materials Testing & Equipment Testing

Spiroflow welcomes customers from around the globe to conduct feasibility trials and equally importantly, to offer advice on the comparative advantages of different conveying and bulk bag handling methods relative to the customer’s application. We are fully equipped with flexible screw, aero mechanical and tubular drag conveyors, as well as bulk bag fillers and bulk bag unloaders and a bulk bag conditioner. We can advise without bias on the right type of solution for your particular product, application and layout restraints. Wherever possible, we simulate your site conditions in terms of conveyor length, flow rate and angle of lift.

We have full test equipment set up in both our US and Europe locations. Trials are set up to our customer’s requirements in terms of conveyor length, angle of elevation and output. With a wide variety of equipment, we can find the right equipment to suit your process.  We also have a database of product conveying trials logged over 45 years, taking the guesswork out of assessing flow rates and expected performance. Trials are also offered at customers’ premises where the product and/or application dictate this to be the best course of action.

Materials Testing

Using our lab we will test your product to see the angle of repose, flowability and bulk density, which will help us choose the best application for your product. Any powders (free-flowing and non-free flowing) chips, flakes, pellets, spheres, granules and more, we can help you move it! Read our blog: Materials Test: Do You Need One?

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If you are interested in booking a materials test of a machine trial then fill in our Contact Us form and someone will be in touch to discuss your application.

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