Spiroflow Active Monitoring

If you have a smart watch or smart home device, you’re already familiar with IoT, but are you familiar with IIoT and Industry 4.0? SAM uses technology more advanced and more secure than IoT to provide critical data to the right person at the right time – anywhere in the world to manage, monitor and assess critical systems and processes throughout your facility.

By placing sensors on our equipment or virtually any piece of equipment in any part of your process, and connecting via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SAM can monitor and report operations real time. Through SAM you can use these measurements to establish key performance indicators and compare them with historical analytics to deliver insights to designated personnel ultimately improving operational and equipment effectiveness and likely eliminating unplanned downtime.


By connecting SAM to the PLC, Sam will actively monitor your equipment with feedback from a variety of sensors to give real-time data with situational awareness.

By tracking trends, SAM can improve safety, awareness, visibility and efficiency on any piece of equipment using a multitude of sensors. Collating all this data into one graphical user interface puts the unbiased facts at your fingertips allowing you a high level overview to pinpoint possible issues with the ability to drill down to fine detail and plan corrective action before catastrophic failure.

How SAM Works

Spiroflow’s IIoT Technology will help you eliminate downtime.
Spiroflow Custom Dashboard

By connecting SAM to the PLC, Sam will actively monitor your equipment with feedback from a variety of sensors to give real-time data with situational awareness.

SAM will give you up to date information on asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, equipment optimization, possible health and safety breaches, energy management. As well as customized preset trigger events specific to your industry and process instantly sent direct to a multitude of devices whether its your PC, tablet, mobile, or even your smart watch!

Asset Monitoring, Maintenance, and Optimization, Volume, Pressure, Temp, Humidity, and Air Quality Sensor Monitoring and Analytics

How we do it: By collecting key performance indicators from sensors and comparing this data with digital and historical analytics, SAM will send the information to the right people at the right time. This will improve operational and equipment effectiveness.

Trigger Events and Alerts Based on Real-Time Information

How we do it: IIoT protocols can connect anything in a plant to SAM and share this information across multiple locations. This can be collated using digital analytics and will allow you to continually improve energy load, reduce machine stress and prevent overheating.

Energy Management, Voltage, Temperature, Fans, and Pumps Sensor Monitoring & Analytics

How we do it: SAM gives you the data to manage the distribution of energy based on real-time data with situational awareness. SAM applies the sensor information to digital analytics and automatically gives you data on balancing energy loads, reducing machine stress, and prevent overheating.

Supply Chain Optimization, RFID tracking and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

How we do it: Using cloud enabled sensors, SAM can track and report locations and conditions of parts or raw materials. SAM can feed this data to your ERP system to allow yo to perform real-time accounting functions and production projections.