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Product Challenges: Segregation

Flexible Screw Conveyor Maintains Mixing Integrity

Product Challenges: Segregation

Segregation results when the particles separate because of the differences in their density, shape or size.  Segregation can result upon handling a blend of powders or bulk solids which have varying particle sizes.  To avoid segregation the product must be mixed and blended during conveying and unloading so the particles become homogenized.

Why does segregation happen?

Segregation often results during conveying or unloading the product. As the product is moved the larger particles separate from the smaller ones and the blend becomes unmixed. The best way to avoid this is to choose a conveyor that will constantly remix as it moves the product.

Flexible Screw Conveyors

Spiroflow’s Flexible Screw Conveyors inherently ensure material is constantly being remixed.  This is accomplished through the action of the rotating spiral – effectively eliminating the risk of product segregation.  If you want to convey a formulation which tends to segregate then an FSC is an excellent choice. The re-mixing ensures that your mixture exits the conveyor as well, if not better, mixed than at the conveyor inlet.  Many over-the-counter health products are mixtures of very fine active components mixed with a coarse grade of sugar. To ensure every sachet is the same, many packing lines use FSCs as the final conveying technology so every packet contains the same formulation.

Read case study 8008 on how a flexible screw conveyor maintains a continuous blend: Case Study 8008

Let Spriroflow Help

We have over 45 years experience in the solids and bulk handling industry and with a wide range of conveying and unloading solutions, we can help solve your segregation problems. Get in touch today and speak to one of our engineering experts today.