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Product Challenges: Product Degradation

In this blog series, we are looking at the most common challenges our customers have with their products, today’s blog will focus on the topic of product degradation.

Degradation occurs as the product is being moved through the system and the particles are constantly in contact. Therefore the material breaks down which can result in a poor quality product but can also cause problems with dust containment.

Maintaining the integrity of a fragile product is a challenge but degradation can be prevented. At Spiroflow we have over 45 years experience in the solids and bulk handling industry and with our team of expert engineers, we produce bespoke conveying solutions to solve any problem. We have a range of gentle conveyors which will convey fragile products such as our Tubular Drag Conveyor.

Read our article on how our Tubular Drag Conveyor helped to reduce degradation: Read Article

The Value Of A Material Test

If it seems like a gentle conveyor might be useful in your application, call a trusted manufacturer and run a product test. This is an important step in the purchasing process and can be done before the design. Testing your material is the surest way to get the correct application for conveying your product gently.

Is product degradation a common challenge for you?

Then ask the experts! Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help solve your degradation issues.

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