T1 Simple Frame Bulk Bag Unloader

An economical option for low volume bulk bag unloading of free-flowing materials


The T1 Bulk Bag Unloader, offered in the UK, Europe & Asia, is an economical solution for low volume discharging of free-flowing product.


  • Dust-free
  • Mobile Options
  • All Bag Types


The T1 Simple Frame Bulk Bag Unloader an economical solution for low volume discharging of free-flowing product.

The bulk bag is lifted into a bag hanging frame by means of a lifting frame. Spring-loaded side support arms, if fitted, keep the bulk bag tensioned during discharge and ensure minimal residue. A receiving hopper with a bag spout spigot, or hygienic liner clamp, is usually supplied beneath the frame. The hopper can be directly connected to a flexible screw (or other types of conveyor) to provide a complete bag unloading and transfer system.

The system will accommodate most types and sizes of bulk bag, provided these are clearly defined.

Bulk Bag Support Frame

A substantial four-legged box section bag support frame incorporates a bag support ring through which the base spout of the bag is located. The unit is manufactured in carbon/mild steel box section finished in two-pack epoxy paint or 304 stainless steel.

Hygienic Bulk Bag Neck Clamp Ring

The manually operated Bag Clamp prevents spillage and dust escaping during discharge. The over-center clamps raise and lower the upper portion which contains seal closing outside the spout. This component is mostly constructed of 304 stainless steel except for the clamps which are cast iron body and plated moving parts.

NOTE: A minimum length of 60cm below the lower tie on the outlet of the bag discharge spout is required when used in conjunction with the Liner Clamp Mechanism to ensure the correct seal on a standard 38cm diameter Clamp Spout (used for bulk bags with outlets greater than 40cm). If the minimum length is less than 60cm or if the outlet diameter is less than 40cm our engineers will need to review the clamp mechanism design.




Before purchasing a bulk bag unloader always ask these key questions:

  • Will the bulk bag unloader accept varying bag sizes?
  • Will the bulk bag unloader handle poor flowing products?
  • Is there a forklift available or is an integral hoist needed?
  • Does the bulk bag unloader provide a controlled flow when the spout is opened?
  • Does the bulk bag unloader have a bag tensioning device to ensure all product is discharged?
  • Is discharge of the bag contents required by weight or by volume?
  • Is there provision for restraining and/or removing the inner liner?
  • Is an integral take-off conveyor required?
  • Is there a height restriction?
  • Is there a way to empty small bags in case the bulk bag supply of material is interrupted?
  • Does your plant require a hygienic bulk bag unloader or USDA/FDA approved equipment?
  • What dust control features are incorporated into the bulk bag unloader?
    • When untying the bag spout
    • While the product is being discharged
    • When the inner liner is being removed
    • When the bag is removed and folded for disposal
  • Is the product or environment hazardous?
  • Is static grounding and monitoring required?
  • Is the environment covered by NEC regulations?




Check out our Bulk Bag Unloader Comparison Chart 

This document compares our bulk bag unloader offerings based on design options.  Of course, our engineers will assess your application needs & recommend the optimal design.