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Aero Mechanical Conveyor Replacement Cables

Cableflow Tubular Drag Conveyor, Coffee (Eight O'Clock)

Quality Replacement Parts

Spiroflow original aero mechanical conveyor parts are matchless. They are optimized to the requirements of the user and the machine, and are distinctive for their long service life, superior quality, and simple installation. Even when a line is down for a short time it costs time and money, so don’t be tempted by prices that seem lower. The difference between an original part and a replica is in the quality. Original Spiroflow spare parts are manufactured from premium-quality materials which are precisely tailored to the operational demands of our equipment.

All of our aero mechanical conveyor replacement cable and disc assemblies are made from:

  • Cables – 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel cables
  • Discs – Molded on USDA accepted polyurethane discs. Molded on Hytrel discs for high temperature applications
  • Disc Sizes – ​3” (75mm), 4” (100mm) or 5” (125mm) diameters

Other aero mechanical conveyor spare parts include end fittings, bearing housings, bearings, seals, drive shafts, idler shafts, and sprockets.

We stock cable assemblies, end fittings, bearing housings, bearings, seals, drive shafts, idler shafts and sprockets.

Non-stock items are typically motors and gearboxes.

Spare parts packages are offered when purchasing new equipment to reduce freight costs and provide you with an initial stock of essential parts. To find out more contact us with your machine serial number.

Of course, we provide replacement parts for our own bulk material handling systems but did you know that our first quality parts are designed to work in systems supplied by other manufacturers? You may have a conveyor from any number of suppliers. Make sure your existing equipment performs at its best with Spiroflow replacement parts.

When you need a replacement part we understand you need it quickly. Any process downtime adversely affects your productivity and profitability, and possibly your company’s customer satisfaction ratings. We can help get your line back up and running quickly. So, our standard spare parts are ex-stock and can be shipped to you within 24 hours by an overnight carrier or by airfreight.

We encourage our customers to stock essential and especially non-standard spares so unnecessary delivery time is avoided. Picture this – your process runs 24/7 and the spiral in that 10-year-old conveyor finally fails during the Friday night shift. You order the part on Monday morning then receive it and install it on Tuesday. You’ve lost at least 3½ days. The cost of this downtime is quite likely disproportionate to the cost of stocking the appropriate spare part on site.

Purchasing new equipment to enhance your production? All of our equipment is supplied with a recommended spares parts list prior to shipment. Speak to your engineer today about adding this option to save on shipping and downtime costs.


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