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Spiroflow Joins May River Capital Platform, Automated Handling Solutions

Spiroflow headquarters

May River Capital is a Chicago-based private equity firm that focuses on the industrial growth of businesses in the lower middle market. They have unveiled the launch of Automated Handling Solutions, a new platform that has the goal of offering highly developed automation solutions and cutting-edge material handling equipment.

Automated Handling Solutions – A Synergistic Merger in Material Handling and Industrial Automation

The newly established platform, Automated Handling Solutions, was created by merging two distinct businesses specializing in conveying and material handling. These include Spiroflow, a worldwide material handling machinery manufacturer and control systems integrator, and Cablevey Conveyors, renowned for its patented tubular drag conveyor solutions used in the beverage, high-value, and food industrial sectors. The fusion of these companies enables the offering of a unique and extensive array of industrial automation systems and material-handling machinery to prestigious customers around the world.

May River Embraces Growth and Innovation with Spiroflow and Cablevey Integration

“We’re excited to have Cablevey and Spiroflow join the May River family,” remarked Steve Griesemer, a Partner at May River. “This integration presents an exceptional chance to nurture and expand these leading brands together. We’re looking forward to leveraging their strong recent growth.” Griesemer added, “The specialty conveying industry is rapidly expanding, catering to appealing markets. The combined forces of Cablevey and Spiroflow under this new umbrella put us in a prime position to meet increasing market demands and continue our tradition of offering inventive solutions to our worldwide clientele.”

A man standing in the Spiroflow technology center

Spiroflow – Leading the Way in Material Handling and Automation Since 1971

Spiroflow, a Monroe, North Carolina-based company founded by Michel Podevyn in 1971, is unique in the market for having a wide variety of handling equipment and accompanying automation solutions. Its product lineup includes flexible screw conveyors, equipment for bulk material discharging and filling, and comprehensive control solutions. As a trailblazer in flexible screw conveying, Spiroflow has a long-standing history of innovation. The company has earned a distinguished reputation for its precise material handling equipment, which is widely utilized in high-value sectors like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and specialized chemicals.

Spiroflow’s Global Expansion and Technological Excellence under Podevyn and Dudas

Under the guidance of Podevyn and Jeff Dudas, its CEO and Co-Chairman, Spiroflow has seen notable growth recently in the US and the UK, the latter being its country of origin and home to a major facility. The company’s technology, which is installed in over 50 countries, is recognized for its efficiency, safety, and dependability. It caters to some of the top challenging material handling needs.

Podevyn’s Reflection on Spiroflow’s 50-Year Journey and Future Aspirations

Podevyn remarked, “Over the past five decades, we’ve made significant strides, establishing our company as a dependable and vital partner to all our clients. The Spiroflow crew is incredibly enthusiastic about elevating the company to greater heights through our new collaboration with our company.”

Brad Sterner on Leveraging Spiroflow’s Capabilities for AHS Growth

Jeff Dudas, CEO and Co-Chairman of Spiroflow, expressed enthusiasm about the future, stating, “The additional operational and financial support from May River will enable us to keep investing in our business and spur growth. We are confident that this partnership will enhance our longstanding commitment to expansion and innovation, benefiting our customers, staff, and the communities in North Carolina, Monroe, and Clitheroe, UK.” Dudas, who will remain the interim CEO, plans to focus on driving growth initiatives, leveraging his extensive network of industry and customer connections.

Process of bulk material handling

Legal and Financial Facilitators in the May River and Spiroflow Collaboration

Brad Sterner, a member of May River’s Executive Resource Group and acting CEO of Cablevey, who will also assume the role of Executive Chairman of AHS, highlighted Spiroflow’s strengths. He stated, “The combination of Spiroflow’s expertise in storage, conveying, system designs, and automation integration, along with its presence in North America and Europe, ideally positions the company to boost the growth of this new platform.” 

Sterner highlighted the deliberate strategy to leverage May River’s possession of both the AHS and AMP (Advanced Material Processing) platforms. This strategy aims to expand market share in their high-growth, key global sectors, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, chemical, and general industrial markets.

Winston & Strawn provided legal advice for May River in this transaction. On the financial front, BDO Capital Advisors, LLC acted as the financial advisor. For Spiroflow and its shareholders, legal guidance was offered by Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP.

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About May River Capital

May River Capital, headquartered in Chicago, specializes as a private equity business with a focus on the lower middle market in the industrial growth sector. The firm targets investments in premium industrial growth businesses covering sectors like value-added industrial distribution services, precise manufacturing, engineered goods and equipment, and specialized industrial services.

About Spiroflow

Spiroflow is a global leader in dry solids processing and powder handling, and it is becoming more and more active in the integration of control systems. With over 50 years of experience, the company’s process automation and design engineering teams have regularly provided its clients with dependable, safe, and effective handling and conveying solutions.

About Cablevey Conveyors

Cablevey Conveyors, worldwide leading belt conveyor manufacturers, specializes in designing, engineering, assembling, and servicing tubular drag cable and disc conveyor technologies. Serving clients in over 65 countries, this company focuses on transporting materials for beverage, food, and industrial powder processors requiring clean, rapid, energy-efficient, and cost-effective food-grade conveyor systems.

Cablevey cable drag multiple conveyor system

Optimize Your Operations with Spiroflow’s Advanced Conveyor Belt Solutions

For over 50 years, Spiroflow has been at the forefront of conveyor solutions, providing cutting-edge conveyor belt systems to various industries. Whether you need a flexible screw conveyor, a robust belt conveyor system, or comprehensive industrial conveyor systems, we have the expertise and experience you can rely on. Our conveyor belt solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring efficiency, safety, and reliability.As a leading conveyor systems manufacturer, we are committed to innovation and excellence in everything we do. Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your operations with Spiroflow, one of the most trusted conveyor manufacturers in the market. Get in touch today to learn more about our conveyor belt systems and how they can benefit your business.