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T2 Bulk Bag Discharger – does exactly what’s needed

T2 Bulk Bag Unloader

Our T2 bulk bag discharger proves to be as popular as ever. A long-standing Spiroflow customer has recently updated its existing Spiroflow bulk bag discharger, which has been in operation for almost 20 years, with a new version. The decision to upgrade was only made due to changing manufacturing techniques; our customer is proposing to continue to use the old system elsewhere on their site.

As the customer got to know the T2 intimately over its 20-year service, they were in an excellent position to specify exactly what they wanted on their replacement.

For this custom discharger, its main features included base/corner/side massage, pinch bars and a liner clamp. In moving a synthetic organic product, the customer also needed dust emissions to be kept to an absolute minimum. A custom dish that includes bag breaking ridges was added, in addition to a second custom door to assist with affixing the bag. A redesigned bag spout clamp and a pneumatic panel in stainless steel completed the specification.

Our customer was delighted with their custom-built T2, which will undoubtedly remain in service for another 20+ years.

The key takeaways of this blog are:

  • Our customers invest in Spiroflow’s bulk bag dischargers because they are reliable, built to last and do the job that they are intended for.
  • We can customise our products to order – tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver.
  • We are market leaders in our field because we provide flexible solutions to solve our customers’ most challenging processing challenges.