Conveying Cereal: Choose the Right Conveyor

conveying cereal

Challenges When Conveying Cereal: One of the biggest challenges faced when conveying cereal is the degradation of the final product. No matter the core ingredient, cereal is often shaped into puffs or loops so ensuring they arrive undamaged into the packaging is of top concern.  Another challenge that must be overcome when choosing a conveyor […]

Conveying Chocolate, Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Beans

Conveying chocolate an cocoa beans

Challenges in Conveying Chocolate Chocolate is a delicate and often expensive product and must be conveyed gently to preserve the integrity of the product especially if the conveyor is to be used at the end of the process before packaging. Degradation can also occur at the beginning of the process as the cocoa beans are […]

Product Challenges: Cleanability

Different equipment requires different cleanability requirements and this will depend on your process. Whether you require food grade hygienic equipment or just standard cleaning requirements at Sprifolow we understand that cleanability is a top requirement. All our conveyors have cleanability options and which conveyor is best will depend on your application. Conveying in the food industry […]