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SAVE with SAM – Efficiency

Reduce disruption to operations and costly workarounds by monitoring efficiency and repairing assets before they fail. IoT has enabled manufacturers to experience a 28.5% average revenue increase according to TATA Consultancy services[1] This has been possible through the power of data and analytics in the right hands at the right time. Manufacturing equipment can be […]

SAVE with SAM – Visibility

Grain critical visibility at multiple levels of operation utilizing a wide range of sensory inputs. By connecting SAM to the PLC, Sam will actively monitor your equipment with feedback from a variety of sensors to give real-time data with situational awareness. SAM will give you up to date information on asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, equipment […]

SAVE with SAM – Awareness

Eliminate costly emergency service and reduce unnecessary unplanned preventative maintenance by moving to just-in-time maintenance. SAM gives you the ability to collect and analyse the data from your machines and develop a program for predictive maintenance. Previously, when a system failed it could result in costly unplanned downtime and routine inspections resulted in the change […]

SAVE with SAM – Safety

Be alerted to potential safety hazards before they arise. Receive critical information to enhance reporting on safety. Workplace safety is essential to achieving optimal operation, avoiding substantial production interruptions and most importantly, protecting employees. With SAM, sensors can connect you to the data the machine is producing and help you to be proactive about the […]

Spiroflow Introduces SAM

Spiroflow Introduces SAM Bulk materials handling specialist, Spiroflow, has launched an innovative monitoring system that remotely provides real time information on the performance of their complete machinery range, from flexible screw conveyors to tubular drag and aeromechanical conveyors. The system, known as SAM – Spiroflow Active Monitoring, is an industry first. The aim of the […]

Spiroflow Automation Employee Earns ThinManager® Certification

Spiroflow Automation Employee Earns ThinManager® Certification Randy Barbagallo, Control Systems Engineer at Spiroflow Automation, earned a ThinManager® Integrated Partner certification on June 8th, 2018, making Spiroflow Automation a certified ThinManager® Integrator. ThinManager® systems enables centralized configuration and deployment of applications and content to wide network of PCs reducing downtime and costs. The result is more […]

Selecting Safe Powder Handling Equipment

Operator safety is a major consideration when selecting automated powder handling equipment.

Manual packaging can be a laborious, repetitive and monotonous task, frequently carried out in a dusty, noisy, or otherwise unpleasant environment. Workplace injuries under these conditions can be frequent – lifting, repetitive strain, breathing or respiratory problems, hearing loss and others. Lost time at work, human error, high staff turnover, shift rotations and mandatory breaks are all a constant drain on productivity and efficiency.