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Finding the Best Bulk Bag Filler for Your Application

Finding the best bulk bag filler for your application is easy, despite the several options to choose from. The key is to work with a trusted manufacturer that knows what they’re doing. This article describes everything you should know about selecting the best type of bulk bag filler for your application and what questions you’ll be asked.

At Spiroflow, we’ve orchestrated bulk bag filling installations all over the world for more than 45 years. From headroom limitations to rate requirements to everything in between, we’ve found filling solutions for a countless number of happy customers. We’ve done this by recommending the best equipment solution for each specific application.

Determining Your Requirements

This section includes questions you’ll likely be asked about what you need from your bulk bag filler. These are some of the factors that go into choosing the best bulk bag filler and available options.

  • How do you handle the bulk bags?
    Are the bulk bags handled by pallet or by bag loops?
  • What’s your desired rate?
    This might be the biggest determining factor. There are models that range from filling one bag/hour to 35 bags/hour.
  • Is headroom limited?
    If the answer is yes, there are plenty of filler options to choose from. This will help narrow down the selection.
  • Would you like the filling system to be automated?
    If so, you may be interested in pallet dispensers, automatic bag loop release, bag take-off, and accumulation conveyors.
  • Does your equipment need to be grounded?
    If there’s an explosion risk in your process static dissipative or groundable bags may be recommended along with a suitable static monitoring device.
  • Do you have a bag with a liner?
    Customers handling very fine powders or other materials with very small particle sizes may need to use a bag liner to prevent leakage or moisture ingress. If you’re not a fan of bag liners, coated bags or special bag seams may be a better alternative for you.
  • Does your product need vibration?
    Vibration at the base of the unit deaerates and compacts the product to optimize the bag’s volume. This also makes the bag safe and stable.

Best Bulk Bag Filler Choices

An engineer will have an idea of the best type of bulk bag filler for your application after you’ve answered those questions. So, what are we looking at? I can write to you from Spiroflow’s perspective. The names of the fillers will be different from other suppliers but the principles will work across different brands.

Spiroflow’s C Series Weigh Fillers For Pallet Handled Bags

This type of filler is the best solution for users with low to medium volume requirements. This is a basic model that can be upgraded with additional features as needed.

Spiroflow’s LC Series Weigh Fillers for Loop Handled Bags

This filler is designed for users who need a heavy-duty filling rig that allows the bulk bag to be removed easily by the loops. It’s ideal for cement plants, mineral plants, etc.

High Volume CTE Fillers

Spiroflow’s Cone Table Elite (CTE) Bulk Bag Filler is one of the most advanced bulk bag fillers in the industry. The CTE Filler has a patented cone table densification system. This filler is for you if you’re looking for maximum densification, bag stability, accuracy, and the highest bagging rates. This system can fill 35 bags/hour or more and integrates smoothly into an automated system.

Running a Material Test

No matter what the order is, we always recommend running a material test. Engineers have a good idea of what will work well and what will not. The only way to know for sure is to test your material in your application before it’s shipped and installed. It’s also a good opportunity to make tweaks to the system if there’s room for improvement. It’s much easier to make those modifications in the test phase than post-installation.

Do you want more information?

Like I said at the top, we have more than four decades of experience in the bulk material handling industry. We also carry a full line of mechanical conveying equipment, bulk bag dischargers, and perform control systems integration. We’re always happy to help!

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