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Bulk Bag Conditioning Breaks Up Compacted Material

Bulk bag conditioner

Bulk Bag Conditioning is an important step in the process of bulk bag discharging. Bulk bag conditioning is used to break up bulk materials that have solidified during storage or transportation. Our bulk bag conditioners take up minimal floor space allowing them to be placed nearly anywhere. Here is how our bulk bag conditioning system helped one of our customers optimize inefficiencies in their process.

Ingredients Handled

  •  Trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA)
  • Phthalic Anhydride
  • Adipic acid.

Our Customer

Our customer offers a complete spectrum of vinyl, polyethylene, thermoplastic and related compounds and has a 50+ year history in polymer development.

Switching to Bulk Bags

This customer was replacing their old process where 50 lb. bags were hand dumped into a pneumatic conveying system that fed directly into a charge tank. Switching to bulk bags saved money on the cost of on ingredients but would reduce operator contact as well. The system would be relocated to a hazardous location above the charge tank.

Spiroflow Solution 

Spiroflow offered a bulk bag discharging system, utilizing an isolation chamber to contain emissions. A support base was custom designed to allow integration on a new mezzanine that was being constructed above the new charge tank. The TMA and Phthalic Anhydride ingredients flow fairly well, however, the Adipic acid can set-up into a hard block. Spiroflow included a bulk bag conditioner as an integral component of the bulk bag discharger to break up the Adipic acid.

Application Challenge & Solution

Since Adipic acid has a tendency to form into a solid block that makes it impossible to get out of a bulk bag, a hydraulic bag conditioner was integrated into the bulk bag discharger support frame.  This allows the operator to break up the ingredient in the bag before discharging.

Still not sure if a bulk bag conditioner is right for your process? Spiroflow has worked with customers for years to determine the best bulk bag conditioning solution.  Call us today at 704-246-0900 or email us directly at for more information.  If you know a bulk bag conditioner is right for your process you can request a quote here. We look forward to helping you!