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Bulk Bag Discharger Weigh-Batching

Weighing batching T3 bulk bag unloaders

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, mastering the efficiency of your production processes is crucial. That’s where the concept of bulk bag discharger weigh-batching comes into play. Let’s explore how incorporating this solution into your production line can be a game-changer, elevating it to new heights of effectiveness and cost-efficiency. 

What Is a Weigh-Batching Bulk Bag Discharge System?

The world of conveyor technologies is improving each day, from innovative bagging procedures to integrating state-of-the-art conveyor belt solutions. In this department, one system promises both improved batching efficiency and reduced handling costs – the weigh-batching bulk bag discharge system. 

At its core, this system integrates the functionality of a specialized discharger with advanced weighing solutions to accurately measure and control the dispensing of materials directly from bulk bags. It includes a discharger whose outlet is directly coupled to a feed control device, such as a flexible screw conveyor, as well as a microprocessor-based controller. This system brings plenty of advantages to your production line:

  • Ensures precise measurement of materials, critical for maintaining product quality, 
  • Minimizes material waste and optimizes ingredient usage, leading to significant cost savings,
  • Automates the process, reducing manual intervention and speeding up production cycles,
  • Delivers uniform batches by accurately dispensing the exact amount of material required, 
  • Easily adjustable settings allow for the handling of various materials and batch sizes, providing operational flexibility. 

Information You Need to Design a Custom Solution

In the realm of bulk material handling, every operation presents its own unique set of challenges. Recognizing this, Spiroflow stands at the forefront of industrial conveyor systems manufacturers by delivering custom solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. To design it, the following information is required:

  • Minimum and maximum batch sizes, 
  • Dispensing time range for each batch, 
  • Ingredient bulk density, both tamped and untamped. 
An engineer checking equipment

Exploring Batching Methods 

Selecting the ideal batching method for your operation involves carefully considering three key factors – accuracy, cost, and the space you have available. It’s important to remember that all systems must adhere to a minimum 30-second batch dispensing time. The design of the system must also accommodate the seamless switching of bags mid-batch to maintain efficiency. Here are your options:

Loss-In-Weight Method 1 – The Entire Discharging Station Is Weighed

The first loss-in-weight method, which is the most efficient, is where the entire station is weighed. The batch is controlled by measuring the weight loss as ingredients are transferred either into a conveyor belt system or directly into a processing unit like a mixer, blender, or tank. 

This method is ideal for handling batches over 100 lbs, offering an accuracy of ± 1-2 lbs at a lower cost compared to other methods. Spiroflow’s technologies, including our screw feeders or flex conveyor solutions, can be integrated with this system. They come pre-wired and tested, complete with load cells and a batching control panel, ensuring precise accuracy for large batch operations.

Loss-In-Weight Method 2 – A Separate Feeder Is Integrated Into the System

The second, more costly, loss-in-weight method requires a separate feeder, complete with a refill hopper and valve, which is suspended below the discharger outlet. This setup is recommended for batches under 100 lbs or when you need greater accuracy beyond ± 1-2 lbs. It offers the highest accuracy of all configurations, nearing ± 1 lb, but it’s the priciest option and requires more space than other solutions.

Add-Weight Method – A Weighed Vessel Is Used to Handle Bulk Material

The add-weigh method involves direct feeding from the bulk bag into a weighed vessel, achieving high precision based on the vessel’s volume and the load cells’ resolution. While this method can deliver excellent accuracy, it tends to use more floor space. 

This is due to the weighed vessel needing to be placed outside the discharger’s frame unless it’s integrated directly into a mixer, blender, or tank. Therefore, this method is suitable for setups where space is not a constraint and high accuracy is paramount.

Iso Flo – The Ultimate Choice for Food and Pharmaceutical Needs

Another setup suitable for food or pharmaceutical applications is provided by Spiroflow’s Flo series. Designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety, this innovative discharging system ensures that there is zero contact between the operator or the environment and the ingredients being processed. 

This is achieved through a negative pressure isolation chamber, where either the bag liner or outlet spout is securely clamped to prevent any dust leakage. In cases where a liner is employed, a heavy-duty tensioner is used to tightly secure and fully empty the bag of its contents. The integration of a feeder with the Iso Flo discharger enhances batching efficiency, notably reducing ingredient waste and handling efforts, all while maintaining a precise accuracy of ± 1-2 lbs per batch. 

Iso Flo bulk bag unloader

Direct Batching – What Are the Advantages?

Direct batching from a bulk bag discharger, using either of the two loss-in-weight methods, stands out for its exceptional time efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compact design. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Reduces equipment cost and maintenance by eliminating the need for multiple feeding devices, 
  • Simplifies the material handling process, leading to improved system reliability, 
  • Shortens cycle times as it allows for quicker dispensing of materials directly at the discharge station, 
  • Direct batching simplifies operations, reducing the potential for errors and operational complexities, 
  • The compact and self-contained nature of this system allows for flexible placement, accommodating different layout needs and enhancing operational efficiency. 

Find Your Ideal Weigh-Batching Solution With Spiroflow

Not sure which weigh-batching method is right for your process? For years, our team at Spiroflow has been guiding customers to the optimal weighing and batching solutions tailored to their specific needs. Contact us today at 704-246-0900 or email us directly at for more information. We look forward to helping you enhance your process efficiency!