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Mobile Bulk Bag Unloading System Discharges & Conveys Sugar

Customer Requirements

1020 CS
Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor conveys sugar for liquid blends

Solutech Ltd. of Winsford, Cheshire is a specialist food grade liquid blending contractor, currently dispatching around 12,000 tons of blended liquids a year to the food and beverage industry.

Director, Alan Kidd, reflects, “We brought the Spiroflow conveyor with us to our new factory in June 2002 still protected by the bubble-wrap in which it was delivered!”. A year later they won a large contract for several 15-ton batches of sugar related blends a week.

1) The conveyor was the obvious choice to load one of the sugar elements of the blend into their cavernous heated mixer/dissolver vessel.

2) However, to suit the contract and the layout at their new factory, the Flexible Screw Conveyor was to be fed from Bulk Bags.

3) The whole unit needed to be mounted on a mobile frame so that it could be moved and parked out of the way after use.

Spiroflow Solutions

1020 CS 2
Low pressure blower mounted at the Flexible Screw Conveyor prevents sugar buildup from vapors

Bulk Bag Unloaders are one of our key products and many of our Flexible Screw Conveyors are supplied as mobile units so Spiroflow could easily accommodate Solutech’s requirements.

– The Flexible Spiral Conveyor is almost 20ft/ 6m long and delivers 3 tons of sugar per hour.
– Solutech runs two shifts per day and the Spiroflow conveyor operates for 5 to 6 hours each shift, 5 days per week.
– The Bulk Bag Unloader enables sugar to readily discharge from bulk bags.
– A spiral agitator has been supplied within the collection hopper above the conveyor inlet to ensure a steady and reliable flow of product is delivered to the massive mixing vessel.
– A low pressure blower is mounted at the conveyor outlet with a quick release band clamp to avoid problems caused by the vapor rising during the steady loading of sugar.