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Aero Mechanical Conveyor Loads Gelatin Powder for Pork Pie Maker

Customer Requirements

mobile aero conveyor
The mobile Aero Mechanical Conveyor transfers Gelatin

A famous Pork Pie manufacturer looked to Spiroflow for a solution to improve to the way gelatin granules are loaded into one of 2 mixers.
It is in these heated mixers that the gelatin is formulated into a melted suspension which is pumped away and used to fill into the space between the pork filling and pie casings.

Spiroflow Solutions

1021 CS

A Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor has been in operation since February 2002.

– The nearly 8ft/ 2.5m long Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor operates at 60° and has an integral sack tip feed hopper.
– It is used to transfer 55lb/ 25kg bags of gelatin into either of the two mixers that produce the gelatin mix.
– The introduction of the conveyor has significantly improved the efficiency and cleanliness of the gelatin production process.
– The Aero Mechanical Conveyor supplied to the customer is of 316 grade stainless steel construction.
– The integral feed hopper has a mesh grill to enable bags of material to be opened safely and tipped with ease.
– The conveyor, feed hopper and control panel are mounted on a mobile frame that can be moved from one mixer to another and away from both to be washed down periodically.
– To facilitate internal washing, the conveyor is complete with a drain plug.