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Safe Solution for Processing Hazardous Powder

The Results

Hexamine prduction
Acme Engineering Leader, David Swart, P.E. and Hexamine Production Leader, Joel Johnson, observing the back side of the Dynaflow chain drag conveyor installed through the building’s exterior wall.

Safer & Cleaner

  1. Because hexamine is an explosive solid, the system is designed without metal-to-metal contact points to eliminate the possibility of sparks.
  2. The system handles material flow surges without issue.
  3. All the material stays within the pipe keeping the work environment and employees safe from explosive dust. “Product stays in the pipe. Now we simply don’t worry about material dusting – which is extremely important,” reports Joel Johnson.
  4. The new system has reduced housekeeping which contributes to increased productivity and also increased employee morale.

Productivity Increases & Less Maintenance

  1. Reduced dust and material spillage has reduced housekeeping and maintenance requirements yielding a big boost in productivity. Johnson explains, “Operators had to carefully watch the old screw conveyors. Our new Spiroflow system just runs. They don’t have to watch it or worry about it.”
  2. “Spiroflow delivered on all of our requirements and we drastically reduced our maintenance time.” – Joel Johnson.

Next Steps

Bulk bag discharger
Spiroflow’s Bulk Bag Discharger delivers hexamine powder into the Dynaflow chain drag conveyor at Hexion’s Acme, NC plant.

The Dynaflow chain drag conveyor has been such a big success that Hexion is in the process of replacing another screw conveyor on another line in the plant.

“Spiroflow’s chain drag conveyor has lived up to our expectations and we are now trying to replace older designs to meet our process safety requirements,” says Johnson. “Employee morale is improved when operators see us working hard to ensure the safest work environment possible.”

Bulk bag unloader
Top down and side views of the Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader and Dynaflow chain drag conveyor.