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Bulk Bag Unloading System Delivers Urea Prills to a Mixing Tank

Spiroflow Solution Continued

Untying bulk bag
Operator Untying a Bulk Bag

Successful product testing at Spiroflow’s Test Center in Clitheroe, Lancashire confirmed the decision that the combination of a Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader and Flexible Screw Conveyor was the correct choice.

“There were some teething problems associated with the inlet to the Flexible Screw Conveyor largely attributed to the variance in the flow characteristics of the urea prills,” Richard Hands reflects. “Those we tested were extremely free flowing but occasionally they arrive in an agglomerated condition. Working with Spiroflow, we resolved this issue by installing a heavier gauge spiral and having an adjustable inlet to the conveyor with predetermined settings for each type of prill that we use.”

– The Bulk Bag Unloader supplied to Multisol is a Type 6 model with an integral lifting hoist.

– 14 bags of urea prills are used per batch taking approximately ten minutes per bag to discharge into the chute.

– The prills are then conveyed to the top of the process vessel by a 56’ (17m) long Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyor inclined at 45°.

– The outlet of the conveyor is furnished with an integral slide valve and fan arrangement that prevents ingress of moisture into the conveyor from the warm water in the process vessel.

– Every batch of ‘Adblue’ is rigorously analyzed by qualified laboratory technicians to ensure that it conforms to stringent ISO 22241 specifications.

– Even the smallest traces of metal in the solution can ‘poison’ a catalytic converter, so all metallic contact parts of the system had to be manufactured in stainless steel.

The Results

Bulk bag being hoisted
Bulk Bag being hoisted into the Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader

Richard Hands commented:
“We are pleased with the performance of the Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader and Flexible Screw Conveyor, and also the after-sales support offered by Spiroflow. As with all projects, during commissioning and initial start-up there are issues that arise, some more serious than others, and it is the response to these challenges that identifies if you have made a good decision with respect to your provider.

Spiroflow worked alongside us to resolve these issues and handed over a fully capable unit. It was this partnership which gave me confidence to sign a Maintenance Contract with Spiroflow to ensure that our equipment is always in good working order through preventative maintenance.”

Mr. Hands, who has subsequently been promoted to the position of Operations Director, concludes; “The significant reasons that I chose to use a Flexible Screw Conveyor as opposed to any other type are its simplicity and reliability.”