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Spiroflow Helps Waste Management Company Treat 50,000 Tons of Waste Each Year

Customer Requirements

Waste Recycling Group (WRG) is one of the leading waste management service companies in the UK. Each year they receive, recycle and dispose of more than 15 million tons of household, commercial and industrial waste.

  • At their Ecclesfield, Sheffield site, WRG they treat 60,000 tons of waste per year rendering it harmless to the environment and enabling its safe disposal.
  • Because of the diversity of waste products delivered to this site, the company was able to apply some imaginative chemistry using one waste to neutralize another whenever possible.
  • Much of the material is delivered in single trip bulk bags. They needed a Bulk Bag Unloader to empty the bags and a method of transferring the discharged product to their cavernous blending tank.

Spiroflow Solution

The main purpose of this is to capture any dust generated when the bottom is automatically cut as the bag is lowered into place and before the full weight of the bag makes contact with the primary seal.

  • A Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader and Aero Mechanical Conveyor are used to empty lime-like powders from single trip bulk bags and to convey them 26ft/ 8m vertically and 16ft/ 5m horizontally to a seriously large holding tank where the powders are used to neutralize the acidity of liquid waste.
  • The solids are then separated out and sent to a landfill and the harmless water is returned to the local water company.
  • The Spiroflow T4 Bulk Bag Unloader is designed to cut open the bottom of the single trip bulk bags. In addition to the flexible, primary seal, where the lower edges of the bulk bag sit, there is an additional seal about 8in/ 200mm above.
  • The space between the 2 seals is connected to a sizable dust extraction system.

The Result

When asked why WRG chose Spiroflow equipment, Operations Manager Paul Southgate confirms, “I had used Spiroflow successfully over a number of years in a previous position and therefore I turned to them for assistance with this job and have been well pleased with the equipment and their after sales support.”