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Tilting Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor

Tilting Mobile Conveyor

  • Robust Design That’s Easily Moved
  • One Person Operation
  • Easy Removal Of The Spiral
  • Easy Access To Outlet For Cleaning
  • Easy Cleaning Of Conveying Tube
  • Many Feed Hopper Design Options
  • Integral Agitator For Difficult Products
  • Full Range Of Remote & Local Control
  • Options Via Plug-In Umbilical Cord

Combining a Flexible Screw Conveyor with an integral Sack Tip Hopper, each unit can be furnished with a variety of dust hood designs to reduce operator exposure to dust while emptying bags. This mobile unit can also be connected to a central extraction system and/or an empty bag disposal system to further minimize operator exposure. Safety interlocked access panels and removable working parts ensure that the conveyor can be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross-contamination between batches.

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