Common Challenges: Batching & Dosing

Common Challenges: Batching & Dosing

Many batch processors face significant hurdles which can hurt the bottom line. Cleaning the equipment, minimizing downtime and handling small volumes effectively are some of the biggest problems we hear from potential clients. Dosing and batching go hand in hand when it comes to processing bulk solids and powders often the end result is an ingredient which needs to be precisely measured. A batch which is not dosed properly can seriously hinder productivity in a plant as it bottlenecks the process.

In this article, we will discuss any issues you might experience with batching and dosing systems whether they are loss-in-weight systems or gain-in-weight systems.

Load Cells Reading Inaccurately 

The load cells are one of the most important pieces of equipment in batching and dosing powders and bulk solids. If the load cells are giving you an inaccurate reading then the batch can be affected. To avoid this, operators should be mindful of conducting regular calibrations of the load cells. Other possible causes include an air draft during dosing, the flexible connections have been mounted incorrectly or there is vibration occurring externally.

Powder Flow is Excessive

If excessive powder flow occurs it could be due to the product becoming aerated after it has been conveyed and can often lead to incorrect dosing. As the air escapes the powder during the dosing process the product can become much more fluid. This must be corrected in the design of the equipment.

Changing the Product

In bulk solids handling not all products behave the same way, even if they look the same to the naked eye. So your bespoke equipment may not be able to handle a change in the product. For example, if your new bulk solid has different flow characteristics or a different bulk density this could result in bad product flow and may cause bridging in the hopper. This could lead to longer dosing times and eventually affect the bottom line. If this is the case you may need to change your equipment or add additional discharge aids such as fluidizing pads or agitators.

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